Quadflow Mat

Anti Slip Matting

Quadflow Mat


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  • Provides rapid 4 way drainage
  • Offers excellent slip resistance for bare feet
  • Delivers comfort and hygiene
  • Helps prevent injury from slips and falls
  • Enhances surroundings and is aesthetically pleasing
  • UV resistant, Functional -12 degrees – +60 degrees
  • Made from nontoxic food grade recyclable materials
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Quadflow is designed with a unique 4 way drainage allowing the water to escape and prevent the build-up grime and fungi. Quadflow offers great slip resistance and comfort underfoot making workplaces and recreational environments safer and more comfortable. Provides a great anti-slip surface for wet areas. Multi-Directional drainage allowing easy drainage and cleaning. The grid structure with a rippled surface provides anti-slip surface from all directions. Available with anti-trip bevelled edging for around the mat. Quadflow is made from a flexible PVC making it extremely versatile in heavy traffic areas.


Material; 100% Flexible lox toxity PVC Phenol free

Surface; Cross Grid anti-slip surface

Installation; Loosely, Direct Stuck, can be installed with anti-trip edging

Thickness; 11mm


  • 60cm wide lengths
  • 90cm wide lengths
  • 120cm wide lengths
  • 150cm wide lengths
  • Custom Sizes