Do you install entrance mats

Yes Allway has crew’s of trained and experienced installers located throughout Australia.

How big should my entrance mat be?

The facts are everyone is too busy to stop and wipe there feet for a minute so the essential point is there should be sufficient length in the heavy duty entrance matting so that an individual person can have 4-8 steps on the quality entrance rugs before entering the building. Entrance Mats don’t stop slippages, they help prevent them.

So we wanted to answer it for you is an easy way to understand how important it is to get the size of your entrance matting correct.

The common question everyone asks and that is ‘how long should a mat extend into the foyer of entrance’. Some companies say This is like asking how long is a piece of string, but Allway Matting have the solution which has been tried and tested.

  1. Start with an entrance mat size of 90cm
  2. Add 50cm per 100 customer over an hour. So if you get 100 customer over a 1 hour period your mat will now become 1.4m. Make sure you measure volume at your busiest time.
  3. Add 100cm for buildings with no outside cover. For buildings with outside cover deduct 30cm per meter of cover.
  4. Add extra length per internal floor finish;
    1. Carpet -add 50cm
    2. Vinyl -add 60cm
    3. Tiles -add 60cm
    4. Polished concrete -add 80cm

If you need assistance with what size your entrance mat should be, please contact one of our sales consultants on 1300 255 929 or via email sales@allway.com.au