Entrance Mats

Designed to Perform. Built to Last. Destined to Impress.

Our entrance mats trap moisture, remove dirt, and keep your floors sparkling all year round. But that’s not all. Whether subtle and understated or loud and colourful, we design entrance mats which embody your brand.

The perfect entrance mat is about more than raw functionality. In fact, we’ve highlighted the five key characteristics to look for when purchasing any new entrance mat. Download our quick guide to become an expert in entrance mats!

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Designed to Perform – Any Industry

While Allway Matting offers a broad selection of commercial entrance and door mats, they all have one thing in common: they are designed to perform. Whether it’s a hard-wearing mat made for extremely heavy footfall, or an attractive and plush entrance mat which whisks away moisture and dirt, we have you covered.

Every industry has its own unique needs. While sports centres need anti-slip and high water trapping, hospitals may need mats which are tough and enduring for the heavy footfall. Whatever your requirements, we can meet them.

Not sure what product to go for? Contact our team and we’ll advise you – free of charge, of course!

Built to Last – All Conditions

The key to making products which stand the test of time is sourcing the best possible materials. Allway Matting partners with the most highly-recognised and successful suppliers in Australia, ensuring that our materials are ethically sourced and of the highest quality.

Combining our quality materials with seventy years of in-house manufacturing experience, we are able to create commercial and industrial entrance mats which cannot be matched by the competition. Naturally, we provide a range of both indoor and outdoor products.

For example, we produce special recessed entrance mats for use outdoors. These offer unparalleled moisture trapping without compromising on the style which best matches your image. We’ll use materials which are tough on soles (to brush off dirt, water, and anything unpleasant) and which are robust enough to withstand years of heavy use.

One of our most popular regular mats is made with gorgeous, coarse coconut fibre. We reinforce this fibre with latex to provide real crush resistance and to prevent shredding. We’ve spent many years optimising our products, and are confident that our entrance mats offer the best combination of price, quality, and performance on the market today.

Destined to Impress – Every Customer

When a customer walks through your door, the entrance mat is their first impression of your brand and identity. Despite trapping moisture and dirt from the feet of every visitor, our commercial entrance mats retain their bold and engaging colours, appearing brand-new and perfectly clean to any observer.

But our door mats aren’t just clean – they’re attractive and engaging. Our in-house printing system means we can put any logo, design, or coloured pattern onto our mats. Want a 12-foot mat emblazoned with your company slogan or logo? Not a problem. Your customers won’t just see an entrance mat; they’ll see your brand, and that’s worth something.

Allway Matting has always manufactured in-house. Through owning all of our machinery and processes, we are able to generate considerable cost savings during production. That’s why our mats are priced so competitively in the industry: we can produce quality at a price our rivals physically cannot match, and we pass those cost savings straight to you, the customer.