Gym & Aquatics

There are many purpose of mats in Gyms and Multi Purpose Buildings. Non slip mats are crucial to prevent slips in wet areas that could result in a serious injury. Basketball courts and Multi purpose room are a big investment and it is important to protect these during events.

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Our easy to lay Mega Tiles make light work to lay over the top during events with a trolley options to make installing and storage a headache free task.Common Areas for mats Main Entry mats to protect interior floors Non Slip mats for showers and pool areas Gym tiles for weight lifting areas Gym protection tiles to protect your gym floors Mats for drink machines and water dispensing machines

Protect your Gym Floors

Mega Tiles protect your precious gymnasium floors by providing a protective, solid flat protective covering that doesn’t peak or curl. When Mega Tiles are installed, floors are level, with no bunching or tripping.

Durable Mega Tiles saves your money on maintenance and floor replacement costs. Mega Tiles are waterproof, simple and compact to store.

Mega Tiles are easily installed, fast to use temporary flooring for quieter exam rooms. Schools, universities and other learning institutions can improve acoustics instantly in exam rooms with Mega Tiles noise reduction tiles.

To easily soundproof your hall during exams, Mega Tiles becomes a temporary acoustic layer which isolates and block both impact and airborne noise. After the exam period Mega Tiles are speedily removed, returning your room back to its normal use.