Safety Tread Ultra – Grip Mat

The product name says it all. Thousands of PVC granules and the durable open/closed cell foam provide an effective solution to stop falls, slips and injuries.


Some of the great features include:

  • High Anti-slip rating (R13)
  • Hard wearing against water, cold and heat
  • Thin ice breaks when step on it, slip resistance remains
  • UV and rot resistant
  • Pleasantly soft, comfortable and safe to walk on
  • Easy to cut, lay and clean

TheSafety Tread  Ultra-Grip mat is a PVC foam-coated glass fibre yarn with a PVC granulate surface designed specifically to compensate slippery environments. Ideal for use in both interior and exterior locations needing anti-slip and antifatigue matting. As anti-slip sound absorbent matting in accessways of factories, offices, homes, schools, on paths, passages, ramps and stairs. The solution to wet and slippery ramps, decks and walkways. These roll-out safety mats are ideal for any place needing a durable, non-skid, soundproof and cushioned floor in heavy traffic areas and corridors. Safety Mat is highly slip resistant especially when used outdoors in wet or icy conditions Рmade for the cold and icy winters. Safety Mat is made from 95% PVC, incorporating a slip-resistant PVC granulate coating on a tear-resistant, rot protected PES/Glasfiber yarn. The Safety Mat can be loose laid (self-securing in areas above 3sqm). It can be screwed, glued or attached with profiles.




900mm wide runners

1200mm wide runners

1800mm wide runners

10m rolls



Downloadable Forms
Downloadable Forms