Clean Loop Matting

Clean Loop matting is a heavy duty mat used recessed at entrances or as a non-slip in bathrooms, changerooms, showers or beside pools


Some of the great features include:

  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Soft, spongy loop design provides a comfortable and non-slip walking surface
  • Firm PVC loops give a powerful scrub to the base of footwear
  • Open design allows quick drainage leaving the top of the Mat dry
  • Collects dirt and debris from footwear and hides it from sight
  • Easy to clean – can be hosed, shaken or vacuumed out
  • Available with or without backing.

The Clean Loop Mat is a light weight, yet heavy duty Mat which is used in high traffic situations.  This Mat has two main functions – Anti-slip Mat for wet areas, or as a commercial outdoor entrance scraper Mat. The PVC loops on the surface of the mat provides a soft and comfortable walking surface, even with bare feet. The open design structure allows the Mat to quickly drain, leaving the top of the Mat dry and non-slip. When use as a mud and dirt scraping entrance Mat, the multi leveled loops reach up into the grooves on footwear, dislodging embedded particles and then hides it within the Mat, out of sight and away from where it is likely to be tracked by the next person using the Mat. The non-skid backing prevents the mat from ‘walking’ on hard surfaces.  Clean Loop is UV resistant and can be used both indoors and outdoors situations.  It comes in one standard sized runner width, or it can be custom made to measure. Custom sized mats can be either edged with a ramped black PVC Border where tripping is a concern, or left un-edged.





1200mm x 10m

1200mm wide runners

Custom sizes available. Call 1300 255 929 for a quote