Treadclass Delux

Quick drying entrance mat idealfor wiping moisture from wet shoes as well as protecting surrounding surfaces.



The heavy duty aluminium construction accommodates heavy rolling loads whilst the durable insert options trap more dirt and moisture saving you more on cleaning cost.


The heavy duty aluminium construction is built to withstand heavy traffic loads and will not bend or buckle and comes with a heavy duty insert to withstand all kinds of traffic.


The low profile aluminium construction allows for easy access for all age groups and is designed to eliminate heel traps. The heavy duty insert’s absorb more water to reduce slip hazards.


This mat can easily be cleaned by vacuuming the top and then rolling up the mat to clean out underneath. Specially designed dirt collection zones to make cleaning quick and easy.

  • Long lasting good looks and dirt removal aluminium matting.
  • Overall thickness 10.0mm or 17mm
  • Designed for recesses.
  • Suitable for indoor use.
  • Provides great anti-slip surface.
  • Manufactured in Australia.


Treadclass Elite is a premium quality aluminium and carpet strip entrance mat. With its nylon pile inserts, it boasts a low 10mm design to make it sit flush with surrounding floor surfaces. The plush nylon pile of the insert provides optimum moisture removal in all conditions making this a great choice as a matting system.

Designed for indoor use, Treadclass Elite will not only be practical in soaking up moisture but will provide a professional look at your entrance

  • Designed to be placed in mat wells.
  • Vinyl joining strips with cushioning feet fitted to isolate metal to metal and metal to concrete contact, effectively eliminating noise from foot traffic.
  • Quality components ensure longevity in appearance and performance in even the highest traffic areas.


Custom to order


Custom to order


10mm or 17mm Versions