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High quality floor matting can benefit virtually all businesses, in every industry, across Australia. Whether it’s scrubbing the soles of your visitors shoes to keep your floors clean and sparkling, or using anti-slip and anti-fatigue mats to protect staff in the workplace, our diverse product ranges have you covered.

But we understand than matching the perfect mat to your business can take a bit of thinking. That’s why we’ve prepared a short, free guide – Tips for Choosing the Right Floor Matting – to help you figure out exactly what it is you need. For any questions, our team is ready and waiting to help.

Entrance Mats

Entrance mats do more than just look great and impress visitors: they trap moisture, remove dirt, and keep your floors sparkling clean all year round. Our in-house design and manufacturing team can create mats of any size, shape, material, or design to suit your business. [see our entrance mats]

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Long shifts can cause muscle soreness, whole-body tiredness, and joint stiffness for your employees – massively impacting their productivity. High-quality anti-fatigue mats pad the ground to provide softer cushioning underfoot. Not only that, the bubbled surface stimulates micromovements in the legs to reduce that muscle soreness and fatigue! [see our anti-fatigue mats]

Anti-Slip Mats

Slippery flooring is a leading cause of workplace injury. Staff can require months off work, or even suffer permanent disability by falling on a concrete or hardwood floor. Anti-slip mats are the perfect solution for any business: our mats are oil and grease-resistant, offering superb traction to eliminate those nasty falls. [see our anti-slip mats]

Logo Mats

Our personalised logo mats embody the brand and identity of your business. As the only in-house logo mat manufacturer in Australia, we have the flexibility and experience to deliver bespoke designs tailored to your needs – and at an affordable cost. [See our logo mats]

Chair Mats

Office chairs can wreak havoc with both solid wood and carpeted floors: scratches, fraying, dirt, footprints – all ageing and damaging your floors. Our chair mats are smooth, flexible, and transparent, offering total protection for your floor without compromising your interior design! [see our chair mats] ___________________________________________________________________________

For Commercial buildings

Commercial buildings experience a lot of footfall, and our floor mats are designed to catch their attention and promote your brand. They also clean away dirt from your shoes and trap moisture, making your store a safer environment for both customers and staff. [button]

For Education Facilities

School and university hallways are a breeding ground for trips and falls. Kids in particular have no qualms about tracking mud, grime, dust, and water around hallways with their shoes; when it’s wet outside, it’s wet inside. Our range of entrance and anti-slip matting help you take care of the problem and eliminate painful hallway accidents. [button]

For Healthcare

The healthcare industry doesn’t spend enough time looking after itself. Quality floor matting is essential for health and safety, preventing staff fatigue, protecting your floors, and keeping corridors clean, dry, and free from harmful bacteria.

For Hospitality

From promoting your restaurant at the front door, to reducing muscle fatigue for your staff and preventing dangerous slips, trips, and falls in the kitchen, professional-quality floor matting is a must-have for hospitality businesses.

For Retail

If you want to make the best possible first impression with your customers, then a top-quality entrance mat is the way to go. Our designs range from simple and elegant coloured options, to stunning bespoke pieces using your exact design, logo, or emblem. [button]

For Shopping Centres

The sheer volume of traffic makes trips and falls in shopping centres inevitable. By investing in aesthetically pleasing, heavy-duty floor matting, you can reduce the risk to your shoppers. Not only that, but our mats clean and dry your customers’ shoes, making it easy to maintain those floors and corridors. [button]

For Sports Facilities

From the front door to the changing rooms, Allway Matting looks after your customers and floors. Our entrance mats sweep dirt and grit from shoes to prevent your smooth flooring becoming scratched or dented, while our anti-slip shower mats keep users safe from nasty falls. [button]

For Warehouses and Factories

Injuries to warehouse and factory workers can cause serious injuries that require weeks or months away from work. Our mats are designed to offer better grip (to prevent falls) and superior cushioning to help fight fatigue over the course of long, tiring shifts. Check out our range of mats and let’s make your workplace a safer environment. [button]


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