Roll Out Mats

Roll out mats or Wet weather mats are commonly used in areas where a larger recessed mat is not possible. Wet weather mats also know as roll-out or loose lay mats should be highly water absorbent and contain good quality backing and edges. These mats can be stored and rolled out on rainy days to absorb any excess moisture from customers coming through the doors.

Here are a few important factors of a good surface mounted wet weather mat;

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Good Quality edging – this helps prevent the edges curling up
Rubber backing – Rubber has a great memory, so it lays flat quickly after it is rolled out
High and low pattern – this maximises the amount of moisture and dirt contained by the mat
Size – it is important that the mat is adequate to do the required job and not stepped over.
Surface mounted Mats should not be a trip hazard. If mats are a trip hazard they are not correctly positioned or are simply a poor-quality material.