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High Quality Custom Matting and Flooring Products

At Allway Matting and Flooring we are committed to provide quality flooring and matting product to the Australian market that enhance safety and minimise the chance of slips, trips and falls. Allway’s flooring and matting solutions have been tried and proven and offer Superior performance & safety at every step.

Branded flooring is a brilliant way of marketing and impressing your customer at the first instance. Whether it be the front door mat, the carpet through your store or the rubber tiles in the gym custom branded flooring can be used to advertise a specific promotion, company service or raise brand awareness. At Allway, we offer a large range of flooring to help you stand out from your competitors making the first impression to your customers an attractive one.

Entrance Flooring Quality entrance flooring is the best way to ensure that the dust, dirt and moisture are not tracked easily into your premises. Quality entry flooring products help you to increase the lifespan of your internal floor surfaces, reduce your cleaning costs and also prevent possible injury.

Floor Safety Products  Slips, trips and falls result in thousands of injuries each year due to inappropriate safety measures with flooring. Having the right safety products on your floor will prevent injuries but also the possibility of large compensation costs. Allway’s large range of safety products are designed for demanding environments exceeding all Australian requirements and codes.

Floor Coverings Floor covering’s are a great way to brighten up areas helping bring in the homely atmosphere we all need. Allway’s flooring range is built up of durable products that are designed to resist wear and tear for long periods of time. Our flooring specialist can help you make your floor safe and and attractive again.

Slip Resistant Flooring The best flooring products for wet areas provide a non-slip surface for excellent safety. The embossed and particle enhanced surfaces helps aid slip-resistance, while reducing aquaplaning. Our Anti Slip flooring solutions meet OH&S standards and is the best insurance to prevent slip and fall accidents.

High Quality, Durable, Custom Made Mats – Australia Wide

We have the widest range of mats and matting for commercial, industrial and specialised applications. Our large selection includes rubber safety mats, entrance mats, anti-fatigue mats, office mats and much more. Aided by 25 years of experience, our team can recommend the most suitable products for your application. We have a dedicated and trained customer support team ready to provide immediate assistance and prompt deliveries throughout Australia.

Anti Fatigue Mats – Anti Fatigue Mats help to reduce the potential for injury that comes along with standing for long periods of time. When workers stand, uncomfortable buildups of pressure in the lower back, knees, ankles, and feet, result in pain which can lead to musculoskeletal disorders. By installing anti fatigue floor mats, you can improve the safety of your workers while also increasing their productivity levels.

Entry Mat – Entry mats are the best way to keep your business clean by ensuring that the dust, dirt, and debris from outdoors is not tracked inside your business. Quality entry mats are essential for heavy traffic areas and will help you to increase the lifespan of your floor surfaces while also helping you to reduce your cleaning costs.

Anti Slip Mats – Anti slip mats, including anti slip door mats, are designed to cushion your floors to reduce the risk of slip accidents and to also reduce the risk of serious injury if a person does fall. Anti slip and fatigue mats offer a combination of functional benefits that simply outweigh the risks of not having them installed in your business.

Custom Mats – Custom mats are a great way to promote your business because you have the option to print your business logo, your slogan or product or service message on them. At Allway Matting, we offer a full range of custom anti fatigue mats and custom anti slip mat solutions so that you can protect the safety of your workers while also promoting your business. Logo door mats also reinforce your brand every time some sets foot inside your business. These mats are also useful as giveaways to promote your brand if you host a contest or a free giveaway to your customers.

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From supply to install, from tile removing to screeding recesses, Allway will do what it takes to make your matting Melbourne needs effective. To learn more about our products or to request a quote for matting installers Melbourne, call us on 1300 255 929 or send an email to