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Allway Matting has Australia largest range of quality heavy duty entrance mats. This includes rubber backed mats, Aluminium mats, loose lay mats, recessed Entrance mats for high traffic areas and custom entrance matting  with your personalised logo.

Entrance mats in high traffic areas are important because they;

  • Protect Floor finishes, protect carpet and polished floors
  • Prevent slips and trips in your building or centre
  • Create clean first impressions
  • Improve air quality and reduce asthma
  • Prevent mud, dirt and water coming into the building

Below is our range of entry mats for extreme traffic areas such as shopping centres and commercial buildings.

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Custom Door Mats

Allway Matting offer a  large range of entrance mats for both indoor and outdoor mats to help you protect your interior floor surfaces. All our Entrance mat and Door mat range can be made to custom sized entrance mats. Our Bread and butter is irregular shaped entrance mats or specific sized door mats.

If you’ve got a certain size, shape or design in mind, discuss it with us and our custom door mats team can help make your vision a reality.

Because everyone is too busy to stop and wipe there feet for a minute consequently results in an essential point that there should be sufficient length in the heavy duty entrance mat so that an individual person can have 4-8 steps on the quality entrance mat before entering the building. Entrance Mats don’t stop slippages, they help prevent them.

Logo Door Mats

At Allway Matting with have the largest range of Logo mats on the market boasting in quality and style meeting all safety requirements that a personalised logo mat requires.

We can design indoor door mats and also outdoor matting to meet specific safety applications. Whatever type of outdoor or indoor mats you are purchasing, the Allway Matting team can custom make your personalised logo mat to suit your specific requirements.

Front door mat

Allway Matting offer both standard and custom designed front door mats for commercial businesses and residential homes. Making a great first impression and offering many other benefits, our selection of front door mats come in lots of different sizes and styles so you’re sure to find something that suits.

Personalised door mat

If you need a customised door mat with a specific image, logo or piece of text, our team can take any commercial logo, image, creative idea or copy and incorporate it into the design of your own personalised door mats.

Aluminium door mats

Our Aluminium Architectural door mats are the perfect choice for hardware stores, farm supply stores, garages and other commercial premises where foot traffic is high and potential customers may be dragging in rubble from working in construction, on farms or with cars.

Entrance mats

Establish your brand perception the minute a customer walks through the door with custom entrance mats from Allway Matting. We can custom design entrance mats for every type of commercial environment and add logos, image or text of your choice.

Allway Matting have specific entrance matting for the following sectors:

  • Entrance mats for shopping centres
  • Door mats for schools
  • Aluminium entrance mats for commercial buildings
  • Logo mats for all buildings
  • Much more.

Allway Matting

Trust the custom matting experts with over 25 year’s industry experience, Whether you require Door mats, custom door mats, architectural aluminium mats, logo mats, heavy duty entrance mats we can help you. All our mats meet any safety, durability and protective requirements.

Furthermore if you’re looking for quality and affordable indoor door mat or outdoor entrance mat, Allway Matting is the number 1 supplier. We offer one of the largest range of entrance mats in Australia and have the experience and expertise to provide advice on the best solution to meet your needs.