Anti-Slip Mats

Anti-Slip Mats: Keep Your Employees Safe from Trips & Falls

Slippery flooring is a leading cause of workplace injury, with some staff requiring months or years of physiotherapy to recover from falling on a concrete or hardwood floor. Unfortunately, these accidents are all too common.

Anti-slip mats are the perfect solution. Our products are oil and grease-resistant, and absorb water so it doesn’t sit on the floor’s surface. Good traction will keep your employees, guests, or tenants safe whatever your industry or flooring.

Not familiar with anti-slip mats? Try reading our quick introduction to anti-slip mats to learn how they could transform health & safety within your business.

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Keep employees safe from nasty falls

As a business owner, the health and wellbeing of your staff is entirely in your hands. It is your duty to provide as safe a working environment as possible and anti-slip mats are a critical part of building this environment.

There are some industries where slip-resistant mats are a must-have, including:

  • Leisure centres and swimming pools
  • Kitchens and bars
  • Industrial manufacturers
  • Warehouses

Any business which handles liquids or requires the handling of heavy loads should use non-slip mats to protect staff. Just one fall could result in a career-ending injury and there’s no limit to the number of employees who could suffer.

Here at Allway Matting, we offer additional protection with our grease and oil-resistant anti-slip mats. A particular issue in kitchens and industrial environments, grease and oil spills are treacherous and exceedingly dangerous. There’s not just a high slip risk, but the area is usually punctuated with hard, sharp surfaces and dangerous items. Firm anti-slip mats give your shoes exceptional traction and can put a permanent end to the slips, trips, and falls which plague workplaces.

Remember that it’s not just your employees who are at risk. As a business owner or building manager, you are responsible for the wellbeing of any guests, tenants, or visitors inside your property. Anti-slip matting is as crucial for them as for your employees, and shouldn’t be overlooked when furnishing your properties.  

Stylish protection for every type of floor

The majority of floors are made from hard, unforgiving materials.  Whether it’s stone, hardwood, laminate, or tile flooring, any fall could break bones – or worse. When the wellbeing of your employees is at risk, it doesn’t matter what kind of floor you have: anti-slip matting will help them feel safe and secure, not to mention more confident!

We have designed a wide range of purpose-built mats which can be made to any dimensions or specifications. In fact, we are Australia’s most trusted supplier of specialised mats, using our unique in-house manufacturing facilities to create the perfect product for every customer.

Since anti-skid mats can take on a large amount of moisture, some of our rival brands have been known to develop mould or mildew. Far from protecting your employees, these growths can pose an even greater risk to their health. All Allway Matting mats are resistant to this kind of bacteria growth, as standard, and are also easy to clean.

It’s like we said: as a business owner, the health and wellbeing of your staff – as well as any visitors or tenants – is entirely in your hands. When you collaborate with Allway Matting, however, we help you shoulder that burden and deliver world-class products to keep them as safe as possible.