Shopping Malls and Commercial Buildings

Floor Matting for Cleaner & Safer Shopping Centres and Commercial Buildings

The sheer volume of traffic entering shopping centres and commercial buildings makes slips and falls inevitable. These falls regularly cause injuries to the public and it’s crucial to do everything you can to prevent them.

Commercial matting, door mats and foyer mats all act as the main barrier to against dirt, water, and grime clinging to your customers shoes. Properly maintained commercial mats will perform for years – resulting in safer floors and also a significant cost savings, as a bonus.



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By far the most important reason to install floor mats in your shopping centre is safety. Not only are there thousands of people walking around all day, but they are carrying food and drinks, hoisting bags of shopping, and usually staring into their smartphones. There are inevitably going to be bumps, slips, and falls; on a rainy day the numbers are even worse.

Shopping centre floor mats are essential for reducing the frequency and severity of these accidents. The fibres on our heavy-duty mats are able to withstand the constant footfall unique to shopping centres for years without a drop in performance. The bristles remain tough and will continue to actively scrub shoes clean without any focused effort from your shoppers. Simply lay the mats down and let them get to work.

Fighting the wet weather

Even if rainy days aren’t too frequent, wet weather mats are an absolute must-have. These are ergonomically designed to remove moisture from the soles of shoes and can trap a significant volume of water within their borders. This means that even after a long day of taking on water, your shoppers’ shoes will still dry off as they walk over the mat.


Cleaning and maintaining the floors of a shopping centre is a mammoth task, with staff working round the clock to dry up wet patches, mop away dirt, and hoover up the dust and debris dragged around by thousands of busy shoppers. The cost of this manpower – and then all the equipment and supplies – is enough to make you wince.

Strategically-placed and sized floor mats can be transformative in this instance. Let’s start with position. Shopping centre door mats should be placed at every entrance to the building: main doors, car park, staff entrance, you name it.

And as for size, we have to remember that people today don’t stop to wipe their shoes on entering a building – they just stroll in. While short mats will make a positive difference, mats which are 4-6 strides long will massively increase the cleanliness of your shopping centre. Our mats are designed with tough, scrubbing fibres which clean dirt and grime for your visitors’ shoes just by walking on them!

It’s also worth noting that when shoppers do fall and hurt themselves because of a wet or slippery floor, they often take legal action against the centre itself, and this could end up costing millions of dollars.


If protecting your customers from injury and making huge savings on your cleaning bill isn’t enough, then how about this: beautiful floor matting can help generate revenue, too!

If you install attractive floor mats with your logo, branding, or colours throughout the shopping centre, it will be some of the cheapest advertising you’ll ever encounter; something that’s appreciated by everyone single person! It’s a simple and effective way of telling everyone that you’re professional and trustworthy, and it helps you make an excellent first impression.