Safety Cushion

Safety Cushion is a non-slip comfortable safety mat for wet or dry areas. It is used behind bars, counters, factories, food preparation areas, at work benches or work stations.


Some of the great features include:

  • Soft rubber compound provides relief and comfort when standing
  • Honeycombed patterned surface provides good traction, decreasing the risk of slips
  • Non trip bevelled edges are safe and suitable for trolley wheels
  • Large holes allow rapid drainage of spilt liquids
  • HACCP certified for use in wet or dry areas

Safety Cushion Mat is a medium duty, 100% natural rubber, anti-slip, comfort Mat used medium use situations. The honeycombed patterned surface provides traction when the mat is being walked on, and the large holes allow for rapid drainage of any spilt liquids. Bevelled edges on all four sides allow easy access on and off for foot or wheeled traffic and prevent trips. This mat is suitable for use in wet or dry areas, with medium use, where comfort, relief and traction is needed. This product is stocked in two standard sizes or it can be made to measure if required to fit into a specific area




600 x 900mm

900 x 1500mm

*Terracotta colour and Yellow Borders only comes in a 900 x 1500mm

90cm Wide Runners

150cm wide Runners

Custom Sizes. Please call 1300 255 929