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MatTek Inc. Allway Matting are dedicated to providing safe and compliant mats for schools and other education facilities.

Mats for schools must be effective, safe, durable and compliant. Effective and compliant matting solutions are an easy way for your school to improve both the safety of your students, staff and the cleanliness of your facilities.

A safe and clean school;

  • Provides a positive atmosphere for your students
  • Promotes individual achievement
  • Positions your school as a respectable institution for learning.


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Keep Schools Safe with Strong, Durable Matting

Schools and universities are home to extremely heavy footfall all-year-round. Kids in particular have no qualms about tracking mud, grime, dust, and water around the hallways with their shoes. Also when it’s wet outside there’s the potential for a lot of dangerous falls inside.

However, Installing robust, long-lasting, and attractive floor mats available at MatTek will help keep buildings cleaner and safer than before.

Why are safety mats so important in schools?

  • Safety mats collect dirt, debris, and water, leaving your floors looking cleaner and reducing wear and tear on them.
  • Improve the look of your school with personalised mats that include your school’s logo and other features.
  • Reduce your liability by preventing slip and falls


MatTek’s Range of mats for schools are designed to extract dirt and moisture from the soles of shoes to keep facilities cleaner. We create innovative fibre structures in order to maximise their cleaning and drying ability. By placing door mats at the main foyer and all classroom entrances, your hallways and rooms will stay much cleaner for much longer.

Even where there are thousands of people walking along our mats every day, the ultra-durable fabrics remain resilient and effective for years. That’s why we offer such lengthy guarantees on all of our products: we know they’ll stand the test of time.


Showcase your identity and impress parents by opting for a personalised, photo-realistic logo mat of the school’s emblem and colours. Does your school have a legacy message or motto? Well we can also print any text you wish.

We can help you polish your existing design or work with you to create a new one from scratch. Our logo mats clean shoes and retain moisture just like our standard options, without affecting the colour and vibrancy of the mat.

Fun option – our team can even create custom printed activity mats to aid learning within the classroom!


Given the sheer number of pupils, teachers, and other staff in schools and universities, a wet floor is a dangerousfloor. We build safety mats for universities, specifically for woodworking and engineering classrooms, as well as protective mats for laboratories.

Our floor mats not only scrape off dirt and moisture from your students’ shoes, but they can also retain a staggering amount of water. As long as your mat is cleaned and emptied periodically, it will continue to keep your floors safe and dry for years to come. These mats are perfect for the canteen: they can protect against slips and falls, plus our anti-fatigue matting can keep staff comfortable despite standing for most of the day!

With children racing around over lunchtime, and students roaming in flocks between classes, educational facilities of every sort suffer injuries from trips and falls – high-performance floor mats offer the most affordable, reliable, and practical means of reducing those injuries.


When we talk about durability, we means 5-10 years of constant, hard use without a drop in performance. When your school gym is used for assembly, our mats can sit under the chairs to protect your floor from the usual scrapes, scuffs, and dents. Teachers can use our smooth chair mats to prevent injury and protect the floor.

By partnering with the most highly-recognised suppliers in Australia, our in-house manufacturing team has access to the most robust materials on the market. This in-house manufacturing also helps us drive down costs and pass those savings on to our customers.

Even where there are thousands of people walking along our mats every day, the ultra-durable fabrics remain resilient and effective for years. That’s why we offer such lengthy guarantees on all of our products: we know they’ll stand the test of time.

Schools and Education facilities spend thousand on floor coverings each year. MatTek can make sure that your school or education facilities has the correct entrance mats, anti-slip products and any other floor covering or floor safety product in place to make your learning environment safe. Whether it be anti-slip matting for schools, logo mats for schools, entrance mats for schools, carpet tiles for schools, floor coverings for schools or floor safety products for schools we have it all.

From child care centres to major universities, educational establishments demand attractive, hardwearing, low maintenance safe and sustainable flooring solutions. Durability and hygiene are very important in areas used by children and young adults. The floor provides a function and opportunity to visually add to a learning environment.

MatTek Inc. Allway Matting

Our safety mats are customisable, compliant and are able be made to specific measurements. Don’t compromise when it comes to safety and cleanliness. For over 40 years, we’ve worked with schools like yours to help them maintain clean, healthy and safe facilities.

Book a free onsite consultation to make sure your mats comply by calling 1300 365 012.