Installing runner mats on your business walkways and in hazardous areas is the functional alternative of rolling out the red carpet for your employees and visitors. Runner mats don’t only provide functional benefits, they are also a great long-term investment for your business. Here some of the features that comfort mat runners provide:
Traction: The materials that comfort runner mats are made from, such as rubber, offer great traction. With a textured surface, runner mats can be selected that drain water. They are also generally great for reducing the risk of accidents.
Safety: Thanks to the cushioned surface of a comfort mat, runner mats can help to reduce the level of injury to a worker in case of a fall by providing an intermediate between the hard floor surface and the worker. In addition, your customers will also appreciate the fact that you’ve taken the time to ensure their safety as they patronise your business.
Visual Guidance: Runner mats are available with colours so that you can provide a visual guide as to where it is safe for customers or workers to walk. These mats will help to divert people away from risky or problem areas.


In addition to the benefits that these mats offer to your customers and employees, here are the benefits that they provide to your business:
1. Floor protection: The same benefits that runner mats provide in terms of safety also extend to protecting your floor pattern. Heavy foot traffic or wheeled vehicles can wear away most floor surfaces. Protecting your floors with runner mats will save you from costly repairs.
2. Cleaner floors: Given that the majority of dirt and debris that enters your business is tracked in, runner mats can catch the dirt from your employees and customers shoes. In addition, in work areas, it can also help to keep the dust and debris generated by work activities confined to a specific space instead of ending up all over your business.
3. Durability: Runner mats are specifically designed for high traffic areas. That means that they can withstand even the heaviest foot traffic. They are also able to hold up to wet conditions, as well as, changing weather conditions. When the mat gets dirty simply host it off and wipe it down with a damp cloth.
Laying down runner mats for comfort and to protect your floors is the best way to decrease your maintenance and cleaning costs. Given their high durability and easy to clean design, you can rest assured that they will continue to last for years to come.
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