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Supply and Install Mats

Allway Matting supply and install mats from there whole range. We supply and install entry mats to ensure that they comply with the relevant Australian Standards for your area, making sure there are no trip hazards. Night works is where we excel to install mats 5 steps to Install Mats 1. Risk Assessment & Onsite

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Are your entry mat edges a trip hazard?

So often the team at Allway Matting get asked, "what product do you recommend so that the edging does not break or curl?". There are many answers for this, but the most common are; Cheap Mats with low quality backing and edging curl quickly.Incorrectly placed/sized entry mats creep up walls and into uneven ground.Entry matting

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Travelator and Lift Mats

Entrano Tough Mat is contemporary looking flooring that features regularly as a protective flooring solution for lifts . The ''Berber'' surface texture enhances the fibers slip resistance by offering increased traction, extremely important for commercial environments. Combined with the inherent grip of carpet but with anti-bacterial properties and extreme durability this mat is perfect for standard

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Why is Rubber Matting a Great Choice for Home Gyms?

Got a personal gym at home? Good on you! However, with all those heavy equipment, you need a good flooring option to keep your floors safe. Carpets can easily tear and fray, which makes them unsuitable in a home gym. What you need is good quality rubber matting to cover the floors of your home

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3 Reasons Why The Length of The Entrance Matting is Important

Entrance mats for high traffic areas Just like the quality and durability of the floor mat used, the length of the entrance matting is also a crucial element when it comes to matting. Some buildings have their entrances divided into sections like the interior, exterior and interim, making matting easier. However, not all

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