Weather Resistant Matting And Its Implied Benefits

    23 November 2018

Floor matting helps protect floor surfaces and keeps you warm from the cold floors. They also protect appliances that are placed on them. Whether you require matting solutions for restaurants, hospitals, shopping centres, factories, your residence or swimming pool, we have them all. Our high quality, flexible and durable mats can be custom built to suit your requirements.

Benefits of Good Matting

Our team of matting specialists will inspect the space, customise the size as per your requirement and install the matting in spaces designated by you. Our range of matting includes:

Anti-Slip Mats
Anti-Fatigue Mats
Entrance Mats
Custom Logo Mats

Here’s a quick glance at some of the benefits of weather resistant matting.

Anti-Slip Properties

Matting solutions from Allway Matting possess anti-slip properties. Once installed in wet areas, they protect the flooring from water and spilled liquids because of the absorbent feature. Your employees are safe and accidents from slippages are rarely a sight at the workplace. If it is for the home, kitchen mats and swimming pool mats offer maximum protection against slips.

Benefits of Anti-Fatigue Mats

Anti-fatigue mats are commonly used in production lines and places where workers are required to spend long hours standing. Choosing anti-fatigue mats is proven to reduce fatigue and stress in workers. They are ergonomically designed with a cushioned underlay and provide comfort under foot. They also provide grip to the feet and prevent risks of slippages and falls. Furthermore, they are waterproof and absorb liquids quite well.

Protects the Flooring From Dirt And Grime

Weather resistant matting such as rubber mats are used as floor coverings of cars and other vehicles. They provide a soft feel underneath the feet where you can drive without discomfort. They protect the vehicle flooring and are great at keeping the car floor clean. Entrance mats that are placed at the entrance of the home or office catch dirt from the soles of your shoes and can handle any kind of spills. They are easy to clean and maintain and can be re-used again and again.

Low Maintenance Costs

Our superior quality weather resistant matting ensures that the flooring is guaranteed to last in top condition for years. Maintenance costs with regard to flooring will thus be considerably reduced.

Choose Allway Matting

Contact Allway Matting to enhance your brand image with our customised logo mats. Our mats will help keep your premises dust-free while offering excellent protection against slips. Call us now and get your matting done today!



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