Entrano Premier Rollstock 296, What is Unique About it…..

    23 November 2018

How do you know a good entrance mat?  Entrance mats are used to capture dirt and moisture. To effectively capture dirt there must be a area below the surface that the dirt can be retained in for extraction when cleaned.  This is why its vital that entrance mats have a bi-level construction that being the up and down points. The dirt is take from the high points then gets captured in the low points leaving the high points clean.

Moisture, the key factor is to absorb the moisture from the top surface and take it to the low surface of evaporation. With the Entrano Premier Rollstock 296 the moisture is absorbed on the top surface flow down to the rise of the impervious rubber backing then flows down the rubber to the low point for evaporation. The increases the speed of evaporation which means the entrance mat will be more effective in capturing moisture. Why not call our sales team on 1300 255 929 for more assistance.

Have you seen a cross section drawing of the Entrano Premier Rollstock and location images? Here they are 

At Allway Matting we have a large range of Entrance Mats.



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