Our heavy duty mats are available in custom sizes and are ideal for use in many different indoor and outdoor applications. From providing anti slip properties in wet areas to simply protecting your floors from damage caused by debris and dust, rubber mats are an affordable, easy-to-install solution. In fact there is a rubber mat available for nearly every application.

Reducing Indoor Noise With Rubber Flooring

In addition to their shock absorption properties, rubber floor mats can also be used to reduce sound transmission. By installing studded rubber flooring, you can reduce the noise of wheeled vehicles and human traffic in your corridors, hallways, entranceways. Simply purchase a rubber mat roll and you can can easily cut it to fit the size of your space.

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Stop Dirt and Debris From Entering Your Business

A rubber door mat placed at every door of your business can greatly reduce the amount of dust and dirt that is tracked all over the floors in your business. Given that 94% of the dirt that enters a business comes from wheeled vehicles or the shoes of your visitors, it only makes sense to stop the dirt before it enters.

Outdoor Rubber Mats

Outdoor rubber mats can be used for a variety of applications including playgrounds, decks, ramps and entryways. Outdoor rubber flooring can be used to protect outdoor floor surfaces while also reducing the risk of slip accidents. Additionally, outdoor rubber flooring also works to prolong the life of outdoor flooring against the damage that wheeled vehicles and heavy foot traffic may cause.

Outdoor rubber mats also have agricultural applications. Agri-Mat is an extremely heavy hard-wearing rubber matting that is designed for equestrian and dairy. In addition to providing comfort and traction, it also insulates against cold and dampness. It is available and range of thicknesses and will not rot or compress.

UTE Mats

Rubber matting isn’t only used for protecting floor surfaces. In fact, you should also consider using UTE matting for boats, utes, vans and behind bars and slippery ramps. The holes in UTE matting are designed to provide drainage when used in wet areas. Our UTE mats are made from natural rubber and are optionally available in nitrile rubber in order to provide grease and oil resistance.

Place a Rubber Mat At All Hazardous Locations

Placing a rubber mat at every hazardous area in your workplace is necessary to reduce the chances of an injurious workplace accident. Fortunately, rubber matting is extremely easy to install and maintain and will save your business time and money.

With anti slip grip, and cushioning built in, rubber floor mats placed in the right location, both indoors and outdoors, can help keep employees and visitors to your business from becoming another statistic in a workplace accident report.

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