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    23 December 2018

At Allway Matting we pride ourselves on supplying quality products that suit the required areas by offering our onsite recommendation helping you purchase the right solution. With over 20 years experience Allway Matting have built up a knowledge of where mats are required and where they are not. 

Call 1300 255 929 for a FREE onsite recommendation on your current mats and possibly new mats. When a safety mat specialist from Allway Matting visits site we look at the following:

Current Mats

  • Life left in the mats, do they need to be replaced now if not when?
  • Are they fit for the required purpose?
  • Are the edges safe and not creating any trip hazards?
  • Are they mats the correct size?
  • Cost savings available?

New Mats

  • Do you need new mats?
  • What size do you require?
  • What type of mat you require?
  • What properties in a mat do you require?
  • Where do you need mats?

Allway Matting number 1 concern is safety of yourself, your customers and those under you. There is more to safety matting then rubber and fibre. Below are the different type of mats available:

All mats have different purposes and dis-advantages as well as advantages, but the right mat for the required area brings safety and comfort together and also ensures the longevity of the mat.

If you are not sure what is required or you simply cant make up your mind ring the custom matting specialist today on 1300 255 929 or simply email sales@allway.com.au to receive a onsite recommendation.



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