8 Retail areas where anti-slip mats are needed.

    23 June 2019

Workplace environment must be safe for everyone associated with it such as employees, existing customers and potential clients. Hence business owners have to take every possible precaution to avoid falls or injuries to anyone. Anti-slip mats are a great investment for businesses since they provide safety in various accident-prone areas.

Mats for Cafeterias

Cafeterias are at highest risk of spillage of food and beverages. It can occur at anytime such as during serving of food, carrying the food to the table or while passing the food trays from the servers to the patrons. Although the mess has to be cleaned thoroughly, there exists a risk of people falling or slipping. Hence it is of utmost important to have anti-slip mats or floors to prevent accidents.

Mats for Entrances

Entrance areas to the building or offices are prone to accumulation of moisture and dirt due to environmental factors like snow or rains. It is important to have Allway Matting or any other type of anti-slip matting to prevent slippages at the entrances. Reception areas which are situated at the entrance can also have anti-slip mats to prevent personnel and visitors from getting injured.

Washrooms Mats

People coming out of the washrooms often have wet shoes. This is another area that is the most prone to slippage and falls. Anti-slip mats are a must in washrooms and at the entrances to washrooms.

Hand-washing area non slip mats

At areas where people wash hands, there are great chances of water and soap dripping on the floor and thus causing slippage. Another advantage of having anti-slip mats at such locations is that they can help in draining liquids to the floor underneath thus preventing water accumulation.

Commercial Kitchens Mats

Kitchens are areas where liquids such as water, oil, grease etc can spill. If people are not careful, slipping on the liquids can cause serious accidents to personnel and property. Anti-slip matting is very important for kitchen areas.

Department store matting

Supplies are leaded on trolleys and are taken to their respective location in departmental stores. The trolley wheels are susceptible to slippage and can make the trolley go out of control thus causing accidents and damage of property. Use of anti-slippage wheel chocks can prevent this occurrence.

Laundry rooms safet mats

Laundry rooms are susceptible to spillage of water, detergent spills or machine leaks. Hence anti-slippage mats are a must in this area which will help prevent accidents and also allow drainage of liquids to the floor thus helping in keeping the floor dry.

Mats for Water and beverage dispensers

Places that have a drinking water fountain, beverage dispensers for tea, coffee or other soft drinks require anti-slip protection. This is because spillage of liquids most of mwhich are sticky and messy can lead to accidents and injuries. Having an anti-slip mat which prevents slippage and also drains off the mess to the floor can make the area look presentable and clean.

Various locations at workplaces require anti-slip protection. It is important to evaluate which surfaces need to be turned into safety surfaces. Investing in a non-slip floor or rubber matting of a good quality can help minimize accidents to a large extent.



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