How Anti-fatigue mats make a Difference in Kitchens

    23 June 2019

Anti-fatigue mats are definitely a boon when it comes to standing and working in areas where one has to spend a few hours. The kitchen is definitely one such area.

Composition of anti-fatigue mats

The mats are composed of recycled and natural rubbers which are responsible for the support and comfort they provide when covering the floor. The disposition of the rubber content helps to absorb the shock impact of a person’s feet, and/or the dropping of any object on the floor.

This absorption nullifies any stress such impact may cause by not allowing the same to reverse-climb back to you. Another benefit is that as and when any heavy object is dropped on the kitchen floor, the anti-fatigue mats protect the floor from any impact damage.

When used in residence kitchens

The biggest benefit of installing anti-fatigue mats in your home kitchen is the lessening of the fatigue element. A householder may need to spend a couple of hours or so standing and preparing food, or getting the washing up of dishes completed.

By installing anti-fatigue mats such weariness and fatigue becomes non-existent. The mats are supple enough to absorb the stress of standing for long hours as also are softer to move around on. When any item gets spilled or dropped the mats act as a buffer lining, preventing the kitchen floor tiles from getting stained or broken.

When used in commercial kitchens

Kitchens in commercial restaurants are extremely busy areas. The business of Restaurants is to serve food and the kitchen is the place where the food is prepared.

So work in a commercial kitchen is one hectic schedule. To help the cooks and other helpers working in the kitchen, if anti-fatigue matting is placed strategically around, the said staff would be able to work in greater comfort.

Because of the long and intense hours spent by staff in the kitchen, they often come under attack of pains and aches when standing on a hard floor, which in turn could lead to tension.

Such a situation could then deflect the attention when preparing the food, and efficiency and productivity suffer. Suggested areas to place anti-fatigue mats in commercial kitchens would be where food is fried or cooked; at the dish-washing stand; and the host stand.

Other areas which would benefit from the use of anti-fatigue mats

Areas such as assembly lines, workshops, bars etc. where the staff have to stand long hours on shifts, standing on rubber matting could make a world of difference to their work output. The rubber cushioning and resultant de-stressing would definitely ensure that the staff would be able to concentrate more, and improve their work productivity. As mentioned above the mats also protect the flooring and are helpful for drainage and avoiding breakage.


Use anti-fatigue mats especially in kitchens and other areas where long hours of work take place. The mats will help you to feel more relaxed, taking the stress out of tired legs.



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