The humble door mat provides several benefits. Let’s take a look.

Save Money

Door mats can help you save substantially towards maintenance and cleaning. First, they protect your floors from scratches, stains and other abrasions. This lowers the need for maintenance thereby resulting in savings.

Second, door mats remove all dirt, mud and other debris from the soles of your shoes. You can walk in with clean shoes and your floor stays clean too. You don’t have to invest in elaborate cleaning processes or hire cleaners for the entire day to keep your floors neat and clean.

Create the Right First Impression

First impressions go a long way in creating the right impact on your visitors and customers. A clean and well-maintained workplace looks very inviting and creates the impression that you run a well-managed, professional business.

Imagine a shoddy entrance with dust or mud tracks all over. What sort of impression would you get? Now imagine what your visitors would think of your business. They are going to get the wrong message – if you don’t care for your workplace, you are likely to be as negligent about the services you provide.

Maintain a Clean Environment

The primary reason for having doormats is, of course, to ensure a clean workplace. A good Door mat will have a textured surface that can easily remove dirt, moisture or mud from the soles of your shoes. Once you have rubbed your feet thoroughly on the doormat, the soles of your shoes will be clean and so will be your workplace.

Ensure Safety

Doormats have a rough under-surface that helps them grip the floor better. They are less likely to slip away from under your foot. A doormat prevents trip and fall hazards, especially during rainy spells.

Protect Your Floors

A doormat acts as an excellent barrier to debris and other rough particles that may be sticking to the soles of your shoes. A doormat easily removes such harmful particles before they can scratch or stain your floor.