Choosing the correct entrance mat

    04 March 2017

Research shows that about 70% of dirt and dust in any building is brought in via pedestrians.

This makes selecting a quality OH&S approved matting system that traps dirt and dust, whilst drying the shoe, for your School imperative.

A potential slip can start with the mat moving on the floor surface causing a hump or uneven surface. A cleated backing is advised for greater stability on carpeted surfaces. These small rubber protrusions, moulded to the rubber backing, coalesce with the carpet fibres and greatly reduce movement. For greater stability on a tiled or smooth surface, a genuine rubber backed product with a smooth underside is recommended.

Many Mats only have a very thin edge which is simply a continuation of the backing. With constant foot traffic they slowly lift, causing the mat edges to curl or break. The exposed fibre is then subject to wear from the side causing delamination from the backing and a severe trip hazard.

With so many hundreds of matting products available, how do I know which one will work?

Products such as Entrano Premier #295 Entrance Matting have a moulded bevelled edge which is ramped up to the height of the matting fibre, causing a much stronger construction. These mats are sold with a 3 Year Warranty against edges curling!

Most Entrance Matting will work reasonably well when it’s brand new, but constant wear and heavy foot traffic flattens the fibre, making the top surface lose its brush effect and removing the high and low pattern which is what cleans the shoe. A mat that has flattened allows dirt to sit on top of the mat to be tracked on further by the next footstep.

Professional Matting consultants are now recommending Entrano Premier #295 which has rubber protruding from the backing up into the high parts of the pattern – underneath the fibre. These re-enforced mats do not flatten and provide the longest life and the best shoe clean.

Specifying the correct Entrance Mats can save you a lot of money from both an OH&S and a visual perspective.



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