Prevent mats from moving!

    23 September 2018

How do you prevent mats from moving? Wet weather entrance mats are commonly know to move over a period of time and also are a potential OHS hazard which potentially could result in a serious injury.

How to prevent mats from moving? GriptFit has been design as an easy and cost effective means to fix or hold down entrance matting without going to the expense of creating a new recess by removing tiles. GriptFit is an excellent system that can be quickly installed with a 7.0mm thickness and concealed fixings for aesthetics and safety.

GriptFit is a revolutionary new fixed entrance matting system, which is simple to install without an expensive mat well and is easily maintained.

It provides a durable, long term and inexpensive solution  to entrance areas in either wet or dry conditions.

GriptFit is specifically designed to solve problems on sites with either no matting, incorrect matting or to cost effectively increase the size of existing matting.  Gripfit complies with Australia standards.

Need to Prevents mats from moving Don’t Dig it, Don’t Glue it simply GriptFit it!

Key product benefits

Flexible system for use within both entrance and other risk areas
Ultra low profile design with a combined height of just 7.5mm
Incorporates tactile and anti-slip edging which assists the visually impaired

Key site benefits

Mats remain securely in place at all times
Can be installed onto any hard surface
Ensures minimal damage to floor surface as it is either screwed or glued

Product performance

Designed to withstand high traffic volumes
Ideal for sites requiring a front loading facility
Allows for all wheeled traffic, without impeding motion and meets disability standards

Cost savings

Needs no recessed mat so requires no digging
Can be installed quickly, and cost effectively
Ensures minimal business interruption and loss of revenue

GriptFit has been used in a range of venues from educational facilities. shopping centres to sports facilities.  Call our sales team on 1300 255 929 for further information.



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