GripFit Fixed Matting System

GripFit Fixed Matting System

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Having trouble with mats moving, need to stop mats moving? Try our GripFit fixed matting system. The Gripfit Entrance Matting system is designed as a retro-fit solution for high traffic areas that is highly versatile in design and provides a safe and viable alternative to traditional loose lay matting options.

  • Surface mounted system
  • Complies with relevant codes
  • Great for high traffic areas
  • Locks mats into position
  • Prevents trip and slips
  • Anti-slip aluminium surface

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The Perfect way to fix your mats down.

  • GripFit is the perfect way to stop mats Moving
  • Surface mounted aluminium system that saves recess cost and prevents entrance mats from moving and creating trip hazards.
  • GripFit is an ideal solution where Entrance Matting is required to be low profile Surface Mounted and Stable

How to stop entrance mats from moving? Read More…

A fixed matting system, simple to install without an expensive matwell. Provides a durable, long term and inexpensive solution to entrance areas for wet or dry conditions.

Complies with DDA AS1428.1-2009 7.4.1(b).