Major advantages of anti-slip mats

    23 May 2019

Anti-slip mats are a necessity for your workplace. Here are major advantages of anti-slip mats.

Greater Safety Under Wet Conditions

Some surfaces, such as tile and laminate become extremely slippery when wet. Many workplace accidents are the result of slip and falls on wet floors. Having anti-slip mats in places that are prone to wet conditions can dramatically decrease the risk of injury to your workers. As an affordable solution that protects worker safety, anti-slip mats enhance traction while inhibiting moisture at the same time.

Applicable Usage by Environment

Here are the advantages of each type of anti-slip mat by environment:

●Foam. Foam anti-slip mats are commonly found in homes and are ideal for short stationary tasks in the bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room.
●Foam rubber. Foam rubber anti-slip mats are designed to be more durable than foam anti-slip mats. They are typically used in workshops, manufacturing plants, and garages. They are available as interlocking pieces to allow them to fit most workspaces.
●Hard rubber. Hard rubber anti-slip mats are durable but are not as comfortable as the other options which means that they are best suited for a manufacturing environment. They also typically come with holes that are designed to keep particles and liquids from staying on the surface of the mat.


Anti-slip mats are also beneficial to your workers’ productivity by providing anti-fatigue properties. When anti-slip mats are installed in places where workers need to stand for long hours, these mats can provide complete feet, leg, and back support. In addition, they also help to prevent the detrimental health effects that can come from standing on hard surfaces without anti-fatigue mats in place.

Protection for Your Floors

Opting to install anti-slip mats isn’t only about your workers, they can also be used to protect your flooring as well. There are times when you want to keep your floors from getting damaged, such as in the case of heavy objects or machinery passing over your flooring. You may also simply want additional protection after having new floors installed in your facility. Anti-slip mats can provide the protection that you are looking at an affordable cost.

Easy to Maintain

In most cases, anti-slip mats require only minimal maintenance in order to continue to use them for years. Simply wash or wipe dirt or liquids from the anti-slip mat and it is ready for continued use. Some anti-slip mats are designed to be chemically-resistant so that you’ll never have to worry about damage to your anti-slip mats in the event of a chemical spill.

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