Chair Mats, Choose The Correct Mat…..

    23 May 2019

Chair mats are a necessity to make your workstation more comfortable and efficient.  By using the correct chair mat at your desk or workstation it will prevent the mat from splitting or cracking over a period of time.

If you need to increase chair movement and speed, it is recommend you go with polycarbonate or vinyl chair mat with a solid surface. It is recommended if used on carpet with use the Chair Mat 500-A which has anchors to key into the carpet pile to reduce movement. If used on a smooth hard surface, the standard chair mats also come without cleats.

If you wish to reduce chair movement or speed, it is recommended you use a Plush Pile 515 chair mat that increase the friction between the cast and the floor surface, slowing the chair down.  If used on a carpet surface, it is recommended that valcro is used on the underside to reduce movement on the carpet.

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