Flooring for Education Facilities

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Entrance Mats For Schools and Education Facilities

Schools and Education facilities spend thousand on floor coverings each year. Allway matting can make sure that your school or education facilities has the correct entrance mats, anti-slip products and any other floor covering or floor safety product in place to make your learning environment safe. Whether it be anti-slip matting for schools, logo mats for schools, entrance mats for schools, carpet tiles for schools, floor coverings for schools or floor safety products for schools we have it all.

From child care centres to major universities, educational establishments demand attractive, hardwearing, low maintenance safe and sustainable flooring solutions. Durability and hygiene are very important in areas used by children and young adults. The floor provides a function and opportunity to visually add to a learning environment.

Why are Entrance Mats important in schools?

  • Prevent Slip Hazards
  • Prevent Cleaning costs
  • Protect interior floor finishes
  • To create a clean first impressions

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How to use carpet colour to enhance education spaces?

The interior trend for education spaces is bright and bold colour. Colour can stimulate creativity in art spaces, uplift energy in hallways or generate calmness in libraries.

Classrooms should incorporate various colours to visually invigorate learners and reduce monotony. Consider the age of your learners, as well as the subject and activity, when selecting the carpet colours. Colour in a school environment can enhance or impair learning, as well as affect behaviour and the morale of the learners.

An effective way to organise educational interiors, use carpet colours for colour coding to assist with wayfinding, create communal areas, quiet zones and multi-functional areas in open spaces.

While colours and patterns are aesthetically pleasing, functionality is most important for the education sector. Educational facilities need to provide a practical, safe, comfortable and inspiring learning environment.