Your Next Marketing Strategy – Custom Floor Mats

    23 July 2019

As you put together your next marketing strategy for your business, don’t forget to look down! In fact, your flooring can actually do a lot to boost your business. Even if you don’t have the money to replace your flooring completely, versatile custom motif floor mats are a cost-effective solution that can greatly improve the look of your business.

Here are 5 reason why custom mats should be in your next marketing strategy.

1. They Are Highly Visible

Floors are a largely untapped marketing space with significant potential. Given that they are highly visible and are one of the first things that visitors and employees to your business notice when they enter your business, your floors are an important way to make a great first impression.

As a result, attractive custom mats can help your business to look more polished. They also show that you’ve taken the time to invest in all aspects of your business and not only your products and services.

2. They Build Awareness

Quality, durable custom floor mats can be used to keep floors clean, dry and safe while generating brand and product awareness. You can have mats imprinted with your logo, company name, tagline, website address, social media information, marketing message and more. Place them at entrances, in elevators, at the top of stairs, at checkout counters and reception desks, and other high-traffic, high-visibility areas.

3. They Increase Sales

Custom motif floor mats are great for providing product information or a sales message. In fact, you can use them to increase your sales of specific brands or products by alerting customers to the fact that your business offers those items with branded floor mats.

4. They Can Be Used to Market a Promotion

If you planning to offer a promotion for a limited time, solution dyed mats like Motifmat provide detailed, full-colour images that get your promotions noticed. In addition, since mats are easy to install and remove, you can pick them up and discard them as soon as the promotion has ended. Use them to advertise a contest, special giveaway, or promotional marketing message. Or print a QR code on mats and encourage people to scan them to enter a promotion or follow you on social media.

5. They Make an Excellent Thank You Gift

If you sell high ticket items, floor mats are a good option to give away as a thank you gift. Everyone has an entrance-way in their homes that needs a floor mat, which means that everyone customer will appreciate receiving a custom mat. Give away custom floor mats that have been customised with your logo or product to your loyal customers and referral partners. You can also use custom floor mats as a part of a sales incentive for your employees

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