Protection of Interior Flooring

    23 March 2019

Ceramic tiles, terrazzo, granite, hardwood and marble are of the popular flooring options that are most preferred by commercial building owners. While they are a valuable investment for improving the look of your business, they can be costly to maintain and replace without the right protection. Over time, tracked in moisture and dirt causes your flooring to develop scuffs, scratches, stains, and marks.

In addition, tracked in debris can cause the deterioration of your floors over time especially if it means that your flooring is exposed to water, sand, salt, and other substances. However, using entrance matting will eliminate the damaged caused by visitors tracking dust and debris from outdoors inside. Here are some important statistics about flooring maintenance and how matting can provide floor protection in order to help extend the life of your flooring.

94% of Dirt Comes From Foot Traffic

It is shocking but 94% of the direct that enters your workplace is actually coming from the soles of shoes or tyres of wheeled traffic. As a result, you have the option to prevent dirt from coming into your business if you take the necessary steps to protect your floors with matting.

First Impressions Are Important

If you want to impress your customers and employees, you need to make sure that your business always looks like it is in top shape. By installing matting, you can ensure that your floors are clean and that they remain in good condition.

Entrance Matting Prevents Accidents

Slip and trip accidents can be very costly for businesses and can be easily avoided with the installation of quality entrance matting. This is especially important if there are wet areas in your business or areas that are prone to spills. In fact, businesses have paid out over $100 million in personal injury damages. If you want to avoid a lawsuit that could potentially devastate your business, then you need to invest in matting.

86% of the Total Costs of Commercial Flooring Is in Maintenance

From cleaning to surface protection, 86% of the costs of commercial flooring is actually in maintenance. This is because business owners must regularly pay for services to clean and protect their floors due to traffic throughout their business. With matting, installed the floors could be protected from direct contact and only the matting would need to be replaced in case of damage instead of the floor surface itself.

Given the cost of installing and maintaining commercial flooring, it only makes sense to prolong the life of your investment as much as possible. Anti-slip matting offers the best possible protection that is cost-effective and can protect your floors, as well as, your staff and customers.

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