Mega Tiles – Gym Protection Tiles

Mega Tiles – Gym Protection Tiles

Mega Tile is the tile gym floor cover that turns your facility into a multi function activity center with ease! Mega Tiles are an exciting, high-tech protective temporary floor covering that doesn’t peak or curl.  It’s perfect for protecting your precious gym floors and safe for gym and room users because Mega Tiles gives you a solid, flat, level floor with no bunching or tripping over.
  • Save labor and time with a durable tile
  • Makes deployment and take up faster and easier
  • Set up your gym floor protection in record time, with ease.
  • It requires no expensive seaming tape, no learning curve, and no bulky racking systems.
  • Extremely durable , slip resistant carpet top cloth, is virtually stain resistant,
  • This is the best looking floor covering protection and it dampens noise with the carpet surface.
  • Simply store the tile on compact and easy to transport  platform trucks.
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Heavy Duty Protection Tiles, designed to cover sports hall flooring during non sport events, such as conferences, concerts, voting, parties, awards ceremonies, etc…

The Tiles prevent damage to the sports floor which may be caused during set up and removal of tables and chairs, as well as during these events from street shoes and high heels.

  • Re-usable long lasting heavy duty surface
  • Loose-laid
  • Specialized personnel not required
  • Rapid installation and removal
  • Easily stored
  • Efficient acoustic absorption and attractive appearance
  • Excellent dimensional stability

Mega Tiles can be easily installed, fast to use temporary flooring for quieter exam rooms. Schools, universities and other learning institutions can improve acoustics instantly in exam rooms with Mega Tiles noise reduction tiles.

To easily soundproof your hall during exams, Mega Tiles becomes a temporary acoustic layer which isolates and block both impact and airborne noise. After the exam period Mega Tiles is speedily removed, returning your room back to its normal use.

Mega Tiles protects your precious hall floor by providing a protective, solid flat surface covering that doesn’t peak or curl.

Originally developed in Europe to protect exotic wooden and marble floors without damaging them, Mega Tiles are being used to shield valuable town, school and community halls and business floors around the globe.

Mega Tiles protects your precious gymnasium floors by providing a protective, solid flat protective covering that doesn’t peak or curl. When Mega Tiles are installed, floors are level, with no bunching or tripping.

Originally developed in Europe to protect exotic wooden and marble floors without damaging them, Mega Tiles are being used to protect gym floors in Australia and around the globe.

Durable Mega Tiles saves you money on maintenance and floor replacement costs. Mega Tiles is waterproof, simple and compact to store.

Mega Tiles Specification

Size: 1m x 2m

Fibre: 100% PP

Backing: Glass reinforced Bitumen



The Mega Cart has been developed to ensure the system is easy fast and safe to use.

Our team of engineers has developed it over many years to provide Mega Cart users with:

  • Efficient installation
  • Compact storage
  • Hassle free installation
  • Safety for users and property: with specialist non marking wheels

Ask our team about ideas and options for storing Mega Tiles in out-of-the-way spaces: we can customise the storage system to fit your requirements.

Care and Maintenance

The tough synthetic fibres will resist staining and every-day wear and tear.

Regular Cleaning

Vacuum cleaning is easy and the tiles do not lift or move under this pressure.

Heavy Duty Cleaning

Heavy duty cleaning: like all carpets, periodic deep cleaning will help extend the overall life.

Stains and Damages

If someone spills a glass of wine at an event, the tile can be simply taken outside and hosed down, then left to dry.

The inherent value of a modular product is that if one tile is damaged beyond repair it can simply be replaced, thus the overall life of the investment is extended.