Allway provide Wet Weather Mats for extreme traffic areas where aggressive shoe scrapping is needed.

Our wet weather mat range (below) is available with the below edging options.

Rubber Edging 4

Rubber Edging – Yellow Or Black

fix mats down - GripFit

Aluminium Edge (Surface Mounted)








Wet Weather mats create a unique dirt entrapment system to prevent dirt, moisture and other debris from entering your building. The ultra low profile is perfect for all age groups and areas. The high quality rubber backing prevents the mat from moving around when laid down as a Wet Weather Mat. Easy to clean by sweeping, vacuuming or also hosing the mat down. Designed to stop the dirt and water at the entrance and that’s exactly where it excels.

Purpose of a wet weather mat

To be easily rolled out at a time when the main entry mats are not coping with the moisture that customers are bringing in on there shoes.

Wet weather mats need to be;

  • Durable
  • Non-trip
  • non-slip
  • Lightweight