The Entrance Matting Systems series is a range of entrance matting systems that are fully compliant, extremely durable. These systems perform, and also add a higher degree of safety for entrance ways.

An effective entrance mat can furthermore improve indoor air quality. Also minimise maintenance costs over the life of a building.
Selecting Entry Mat Systems
Selecting an Entrance Matting Systems to fit the form and function of your building is easy as a result of Allway’s Treadclass Entry Mats. From the most luxurious entrance to the more modest. There is a Treadclass entrance mat for every entry, project and budget.

Our featured products are frequently specified entrance way matting systems in our range. These systems can be seen in buildings all over Australia. From sports stadiums, to shopping centres and commercial offices.
Our Range of Entry Mats
The range of entrance matting systems offered by Allway are designed to remove dirt and moisture at the entrance. This helps reduce slip incidents on internal floors, extend the life of interior floor finishes and also minimise internal cleaning costs.