How To Select The Best Rubber Kitchen Mats?

    04 February 2018

Standing in the kitchen for hours doing different chores can sometimes be really tiresome. Whether it’s your home or a commercial kitchen, you have to stand on the hard floor for long periods. This can certainly be stressful.

This is where anti-fatigue rubber mats can come handy. These mats help reduce the stress on your legs, make you feel less tired and increase your productivity.

Why Select Rubber Mats for Kitchens?

Rubber is a highly durable material. It does not rip apart or tear easily and retains its bounce. Rubber mats improve safety in the kitchen where sharp objects like knives and forks can easily fall on the floor.

Moreover, rubber mats provide excellent friction. They do not slide off easily from under your feet and provide excellent grip. Even if you have spilled any liquid or the floor is wet, a rubber mat offers enough traction so you can avoid accidents.

Kitchen mats made of nitrile (a blended material that has a coating of liquid rubber) provide excellent resistance to oil and grease. They do not burn or damage easily in case you spill hot oil accidentally. These mats are ideal if you do a lot of frying or cooking using oil.

Rubber mats are of course super easy to clean. Rubber is resistant to most cleaning products. All you need is a mop, a good cleaning solution and water. Rubber dries quickly too as water simply slides off it. This way, your kitchen won’t be without a mat for long hours.

Rubber mats are affordable and definitely eco-friendly. Rubber is a natural material and a lot of mats these days are made from recycled rubber products.

Choosing the Right Rubber Mat for your Kitchen

Given the importance of rubber mats and the diverse styles available, choosing the right product can be difficult. Consider the following aspects when choosing a rubber mat for your kitchen.

Test for Quality

To understand if the mat is of good quality, stand on it and quickly step off. If the mat bounces back to its original form, it is of good quality. Poor quality rubber mats stay flat and do not bounce back easily.

Test for Comfort

You don’t a want a rubber mat that is too soft or too firm. When you have to stand on it for hours, you want a mat that provides the right cushioning and absorbs the pressure. So before buying a mat, stand or walk all over it for a few minutes to understand how comfortable you feel.


Your kitchen mat will go through a lot of rough use. To ensure you get the right servicing in case of any problems, check for warranty, limitations and other terms and conditions.

Check the Price

Kitchen mats made of rubber are definitely affordable. But do remember that prices vary depending on the quality, thickness, anti-fatigue properties and the brand.



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