Commercial Rubber Flooring

    23 May 2019

Having a variety of beneficial inherent properties, rubber has been a popular choice for various applications. These properties include natural resilience, durability and low maintenance. Today, it has become one of the most sought after flooring choice for high traffic commercial environments. Rubber floors can be easily cleaned. This makes them a perfect flooring choice for places prone to spills, rigorous wear and tear and heavy usage. They are also suitable for commercial spaces that are open for long working hours. Furthermore, rubber flooring is versatile and can be used with different settings.

With numerous design advancements over the past few years, rubber flooring is now being used in residential applications. Home owners are now able to enjoy the benefits of rubber flooring for both outdoor and indoor domestic flooring needs. Investing in good quality rubber flooring sealers will prolong the life span of your rubber flooring. They also make maintenance easy. The best part is, apart from being extremely tough and durable, they are also available in stylish options. Therefore, you no longer have to compromise on style to get a robust flooring.

Although rubber flooring is not one of the cheapest options, it offers a great long-term value that make it a worthy investment. Besides, rubber flooring is incredibly durable. These features make rubber flooring a great choice for numerous applications. Right from healthcare organizations to offices, institutions as well as retail installation, rubber is now the popular choice for flooring. Let us now examine what makes rubber a superior flooring option.

Brilliant Ergonomics

Rubber features a flexible and spongy nature. This makes rubber a supportive surface for walking and standing for longer hours. Such properties make rubber an ideal choice for commercial and industrial spaces. In general, they are suitable for areas that are prone to high traffic and heavy duties. Therefore, if you have active families, have senior citizens at home or have someone who is rehabilitating from injuries, then rubber makes an excellent choice for you. In addition, by purchasing tiles with foam rubber, fabric or cork backing, you can enhance the suppleness of your rubber flooring.

Unmatched Durability

Being resilient, tough and strong against a variety of elements, rubber flooring offers superior durability. This is one of the most significant benefits offered by rubber. Next comes its remarkable density. Due to its density, the material is resistant to dirt and grime. This helps you in cutting down on cleaning and maintenance.

Rubber flooring can withstand extreme wear and tear as well as heavy loads without getting scratched, scuffed or gouged. Based on the type of the rubber tile used and the environment in which it was installed, properly cared rubber flooring will last for almost two decades.

Superior Water Resistance

Rubber flooring serves as a virtual force field offering utmost resistance to moisture. As it is non-porous, basic liquid spills will not be able to penetrate through it or damage it. This makes rubber flooring a smart choice for laundry rooms, bathrooms and kitchens. However, if you get rubber flooring installed in the basement or any other place that is below grade, it is better to get a vapor barrier installed. This prevents the moisture from seeping into your rubber flooring from underneath.

Effective Sound Barrier

Rubber is known for absorbing shocks and sounds. Installing rubber flooring in walkways and buildings will reduce sound. Using thick rubber flooring tiles will create a strong sound barrier between the floors present in your home. This is also suitable for leisure and gym facilities, sports and in places prone to heavy foot traffic. These places include retail premises, schools, libraries and offices. There is a specific combination of elasticity and density, which when applied reduces noise from playing and walking up to 18 decibels. They are also installed in new buildings to achieve superior sound and noise insulation, as a part of Building Regulation acts. When combined with thermal and acoustic insulation, rubber flooring gives better building insulation and noise absorption. Thereby, serving as a thick layer of sound barrier.

Versatile Flooring Application

Versatility is the beauty of rubber floors. Being extremely versatile, they can be used for a variety of applications across numerous industry sectors. Here are some of the major industry sectors, where rubber flooring can be used:

  • Equine and agricultural
  • Catering
  • Manufacturing
  • Sports
  • Leisure sectors
  • Marine

Besides, rubber matting and flooring is suitable for different types of buildings and premises, including sports tracks, public entrances, dairy farms, gyms, auditoria, arenas and schools, to name a few. Where compatible, rubber floorings can be used along with under-floor heating systems. Depending on the surface temperatures, they can be used for creating heated solutions when required.

A Greener Flooring Option

Rubber is extremely environment friendly and has less impact on our surroundings. This is because, rubber is non-hazardous and non-toxic. Besides, rubber can be easily recycled. All that is required for recycling it is shredding it and then getting it processed. Most of the rubber flooring can be made from 80% recycled rubber and does not contain any harmful elements.

Superior Safety and Comfort

Walking and working on hard surfaces for a long term degenerates the cartilage that cushions between the joints. Rubber floors and mats serve as a safety element, wherever they are used. This material serves as a cushioning, thereby offering health benefits to those who work for long hours on hard surfaces on a regular basis. Rubber is not only soft, it is also slip resistant. Such materials are known to cushion the joints between the bones. This area would otherwise be impacted while working on a harder surface. Therefore, employees who continuously work standing for long hours will remarkably benefit from rubber flooring. Thus, rubber flooring makes a cost effective solution when compared to the increasing employee health insurance costs.

Using rubber mats outside your building prevents allergens and other toxic elements from getting trapped into your home or workplace.

Available in a Variety of Style Choices

Rubber floorings are available in numerous colors and patterns. Today, manufacturers are creating vibrant colored rubber floorings as well as those with neon colors. Therefore, if you are looking out for some bold flooring options, then rubber flooring can serve your purpose. Currently, they also replicate speck and marbling patterns, as seen in some of the natural stone materials. Next, you can also choose between textures, such as matte as well as polished finish. Unlike other flooring options, rubber floors are also available in raised dimple patterns, studs and various other structures as required for functionality or design.

Offering the above discussed benefits, rubber flooring makes a great option for high traffic areas. Combining them with a suitable flooring sealer will make cleaning easier and also more resistant to chemicals and water. Therefore, once installed, rubber flooring will serve you for decades, without the hassle of frequent repairs and replacements. This makes them an easy to install flooring solution that is fairly inexpensive.



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