Benefits of Using Anti-fatigue Matting in Workplace

    23 April 2019

In order to improve the conditions in your workplace, anti-fatigue matting is a modern and phenomenal approach.

These mats can be made out of different kinds of materials likes: gel, carpet, vinyl, rubber, pvc tubing, foam, and pvc closed cell foam. Moreover, you have plenty of options for customisation – in order to achieve the perfect length and thickness to meet the needs of your workspace.

So, what are the benefits of anti-fatigue matting?

  • A non-slip surface providing both grip and comfort
  • Protection for your floors and absorption of any form of heavy impact
  • Helps with water and debris drainage
  • Provides insulation against cold floors
  • In industrial and harsh environments – they are designed to resist chemical, oil and grease spills

But the top feature of anti-fatigue matting is – it helps an employee by taking off the pressure from the feet, legs, and the lower back.

How will an anti-fatigue mat help you and your employees?

When you stand for a long duration on hard floor surfaces, your leg muscles will become completely static and undergo constraint. In order to help you stay in an upright position, these muscles will experience a lot of pressure. Subsequently, the flow of blood is reduced and it leads to discomfort and pain.

In such a scenario, the heart is working even harder to pump more blood, in order to reach the constricted areas. Eventually, the employee will feel exhausted and weary.

On the other hand, if the employee is using an anti-fatigue mat, the muscles will subtly contract and expand. With the movement in the leg muscles, there is an increase of blood-flow and the amount of oxygen in the system. This helps in the reduction of fatigue and results in better performance.

Make a difference at your office with anti-fatigue matting

The benefits of anti-fatigue matting are significant, especially for individuals who tend to work for long hours, staying on their feet. Any individual with a lower back condition is clearly aware that standing for a long duration is extremely painful and tiring. It leads to more pressure on the feet, legs and the back. Anti-fatigue matting is a perfect option for individuals working at kitchens, bars, shop service areas and factory lines.

Joint issues can quickly occur when there is no presence of a soft barrier between the feet and the hard flooring surface. The design of anti-fatigue matting is to reduce the effect known as ‘floor pounding’ of the feet. Bearing this in mind, anti-fatigue mats are designed specifically to provide cushioning and comfort. In addition, they are tough and durable in their construction.

Fatigue can lead to many physical problems like: lower back pain, stiffness, varicose veins, muscular fatigue, and swelling. Therefore, an ideal anti-fatigue matting surface will take off the pressure from the joints and naturally reduce fatigue.

Benefits of employing anti-fatigue matting at a workstation:

  • It reduces the strain of physical adjustments during the sitting position.
  • Helps in achieving a stable and consistent surface for movements.

What are the various kinds of anti-fatigue matting available?

It is highly important to notice the kind of environment the mat will be placed on. Then, it gets easier to choose the appropriate anti-fatigue matting for your work area.

For example, if your workplace is a wet area – then the anti-fatigue matting should focus more on drainage and an easy wash down for maintenance purpose. Secondly, if the work environment is harsh and will undergo any form of oil, grease, alkali, acid or alcohol spills – it is certain that you will require matting that is robust, made out of high quality materials, and durable.

If your workplace is dry, then you would require a form of formal matting – in order to match the interiors and decor of the office or commercial space.

Currently, in the market, a vast number of specialised anti-fatigue mats are available. This means that finding the right one for your workplace should be an easy task.

Specialised matting takes into account:

  • For welding tasks – anti-static and spark resistant matting
  • For electrical tasks – non-conductive matting
  • Entrance matting for clean rooms
  • Food preparation mats that cater to kitchens
  • Gym and fitness mats
  • Pool and shower mats

For better results and productivity at your workplace – the feature of anti-fatigue matting should be paired along with important aspects such as: promoting the idea of appropriate footwear and regular breaks.

As an employer when you ensure that you are providing your employees with these effective measures – it helps in creating a comfortable and happier work environment. You can expect more productivity along with better performance on a consistent basis.

Allway Matting is the expert at anti-fatigue mats

If you have any queries regarding the purchase of anti-fatigue mats at your office or commercial space – contact our team today. Allway Matting has a wide range of anti-fatigue mats to match up to all your needs.

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