An Overview of Pool and Shower Mats

    23 March 2019

There’s nothing more relaxing than a shower after a hard day’s work. And who doesn’t look forward to a swim in the pool on a day off? Most people enjoy being near the water. However, very few actually take safety precautions in these places seriously.

What is so risky about entering and exiting a pool, you may ask. You probably never considered any risk here. Similarly, going for a shower or leaving one were never considered unsafe. However, these are two situations when a slip or fall could result in serious injuries.

Pool and shower mats can help avert slips and falls and are conveniently used in homes, hotels and in outdoor recreation facilities.

Why Use Pool and Shower Mats?

Pool and shower mats that can be used around swimming pools and in bathtubs are made from PVC, rubber or fabric. Pools mats made from heavy-duty PVC loop are frequently used in change rooms, on ramps, near bathtubs apart from around the swimming pool. Basically, any place that can have people slipping or falling due to water spills needs a pool or shower mat.

PVC loop mats have a flexible, spaghetti-like surface. The PVC loop is made from PVC filaments that are resistant to UV. The surface is resistant to many types of chemicals. Water and dirt can easily flow through the mat. The mat is easy to clean and the buoyant surface of the mat offers comfort to bare feet.

How to Keep Your Pool and Shower Mat Clean?

The best part about the PVC loop pool and shower mats is that they are extremely easy to clean. The water and dirt within the mat can be drained away easily. You can also clean them by simply shaking them out.

For intense cleaning, you can use some mild detergent and a low-pressure hose.

Rubber and fabric shower mats can be cleaned in the bathtub or you may clean them in the washing machine.

Customise Your Shower Mat

Looking for a shower mat that matches your bathroom or pool decor? It is not hard to find customised shower mats that are available in colours, sizes and shapes of your choice.

Talk to us at Allway Matting for the best quality pool and shower mats. We can also customise for hotels, recreation areas and homes.



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