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Shopping Centres

Shopping Centres

Entrance mats play a vital role in the maintenance of flooring and assist in meeting the OHS requirements of Shopping Centres. With over 20 years' experience, Allway Matting has worked closely with retail and shopping centre property managers offering complete supply and installation services of quality matting solutions.



The team at Allway offer no obligation free site visits or recommendations. From assessment to installation your only require one contact, Allway Matting. With over 20 years experience in working with retail and shopping centre managers, by assessing your centre and any issues associated we can advise what the best solution and product is that will assist in maintaining a clean and staff environment for your customers. 



Allway Matting offers complete supply and installation services Australia wide that being from replacing of existing matting to create of new recesses. We can offer the following;

Removal of existing matting and installation of new matting

Extending of current recesses (removal of tiles or flooring)

Creation of complete new recesses (removal of tiles or flooring)

Recess floor resurfacing

Installation of fix surface mounted matting solutions (Grip Fit)

 Allway Matting is here to assist you from concept to completion with unparalleled service. 


Our Mission

Today and tomorrow, providing you with what you require is our priority. But exceeding your expectations, by enabling your businesses access to superior matting solutions for a cleaner and safer environment, is our goal.


Our Vision

To be the premier mat brand – Not only today but tomorrow, next week, next month & next year.


The Environment

Allway’s Environmental Focus

There is no need to compromise your lifestyle to reduce your carbon footprint. Allway is renowned for its eco focus, ensuring our sustainable matting solutions go beyond resources and energy saving.
Allway Matting is committed to:

  • Exceed environmental legislation targets and set industry standards
  • Build partnerships with suppliers who share our environmental values
  • Consider the impact on future generations in all our business decisions

Environmentally Sustainable Product Principles

By considering composition and construction of each material, Allway Matting achieves a very low carbon footprint. Matting products are manufactured from recyclable and recycled material being globally recognised. New products are designed to meet environmental standards. Allway Matting strives to create a more sustainable and cleaner environment.

Harvest and Reuse Resources

Allway Matting’s Roll-a-Flex range recovers and reuses waste rubber products being processed into forms of anti-slip matting. Therefore, achieving considerable material savings.

Your Environment

Allway Matting lets you enjoy a clean and safe environment without a costly environmental impact. Our technology allows you an environmentally responsible choice when it comes to anti-slip, anti-fatigue and entrance matting solutions.

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