Entrance  Mats, Various Types and Uses of Matting....

Many people do not realize just how many different types of mats there are. There are mats ranging from welcome mats to entrance mats to industrial and commercial mats. With such a wide and varying range of mats a person can be easily overwhelmed by the sheer volume of what is available in the market today. With that in mind who wouldn’t want an easy to reference list of the various types of mats available and their various uses.

Starting off very simply, a welcome mat, or more commonly called a doormat, is one of the most basic uses of the various types of mats currently available in the market place. They come in many different shapes and sizes and a person can easily find one that best suits their needs and style. They come in the form of funny or humorous varieties to lighten your guests’ hearts or as a personalized mat with your name or initials denoting the pride you have in owning your home. The homeowner might choose a Holiday or Seasonal mat to show their love of the seasons or bring out a little Holiday cheer. Whatever a person might choose, a Welcome Mat is the quintessential way of welcoming guests into their home. With a good welcome mat greeting guests at the door, an entrance mat then offer your guests a place to wipe their feet. This helps to protest your floors and carpets from all the dirt, rocks, water or debris that might get tracked into your home.

Entrance mats most often take the form of longer rubber or vinyl backed mats that help to trap water and dirt. This type of mat is most often seen at places of business although they can be used at back doors as a place to leave shoes during times of more in climate weather. Next are industrial mats which are primarily rubber grid mats that can be used in a wide variety of applications. Although they have many applications grid mats are most often found in areas where there is lots of water and traction can be hard to come by. The grid design allows water to seep to the floor allowing a person standing on the mat to maintain good traction while working. These types of mats are most often found in dishwashing or car washing areas. Commercial mats primarily find themselves used in garages, workshops or in machine shops. Commercial mats are probably one of the most diverse types of mats as they range from soft mats designed to relieve the stress off standing on hard floors for extended periods of time, to rubber mats designed for good traction. In addition there are commercial mats that encompass both features as they are foam backed with diamond patterned PVC coating to both relieve strain and offer good traction.