Gripper Matting

Ultra Grip Pool Matting

Gripper Matting

Gripper Matting

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  • Anti-Slip embossed surface
  • Allows drainage of liquids
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Comfortable for bare feet
  • Oil and chemical resistant
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Available with Anti Trip Bevelled edging
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Gripper Matting is comfortable to stand on and its deeply cut slip-resistant tread reduces the risk of accident even when used over uneven problem floors. Gripper Matting is Grease Resistant and is Ideal for Industrial Areas, Factories, Food Industry, Hospitals, Bars, Restaurants, Commercial Kitchens, Wholesale Refrigerators and Freezers, Pool Side and Change Rooms etc. Manufactured from grid-welded PVC it is extremely hardwearing and it allows debris, dirt and liquid spillage to fall through or drain away. Increases productivity by reducing fatigue. Extremely hardwearing and maintenance free. Chemical and oil resistant and easy to clean. Protects dropped tools and components from damage. Simple to join or cut to shape. Gripper Matting ‘Plus’ has bright yellow edges for added safety, demarcation or route marking. Made from 100% recyclable food grade materials.


Material; 100% Flexible lox toxity PVC Phenol free

Surface; Cross Grid anti-slip surface

Installation; Loosely, Direct Stuck, can be installed with anti-trip edging

Thickness; 11mm


  • 60cm wide lengths
  • 90cm wide lengths
  • 120cm wide lengths
  • 150cm wide lengths
  • Custom Sizes