Interlocking mats are highly versatile and can be used in many spaces throughout your workplace, including food processing, assembly areas, entryways, retail, gyms, and more. Here are the benefits that interlocking mats can provide for your workplace.

Anti-Fatigue Properties

Interlocking mats have anti-fatigue properties to help workers feel more comfortable while working. Research has proven that standing for long periods of time can create health concerns. As a result, interlocking mats should be used in standing work areas to reduce worker fatigue.



Easy to Install

They are also lightweight, which makes them easy to transport as needed. Just put them together like a puzzle. If you need to install them in an odd shaped area, they can also be cut to fit the space. Interlocking mats are also heavy enough to stay down with their own weight. No glue or adhesives are required to install these mats.

To install interlocking mats, remove any old floor coverings, debris and adhesives from the floor. After cleaning the entire floor surface for dust and other debris, make sure that the floor surface is smooth. Then simply lay out the mats and interlock them.

Easy to Clean

The top surface can be easily cleaned using an air blower or high pressure hose (not exceeding 60psi). You won’t need to any steam or degreasers or caustic chemicals and you should not use these if you don’t want to damage the mats. Do not mechanically scrub the mat.

Easy to Uninstall

Despite the fact that interlocking mats are highly durable, sometimes damage may still occur. Interlocking mats make it easy to change out tiles that are damaged so that the entire area covered by the mats does not need to be replaced. Simply take out the damaged tile and replace it with a new one.

The same applies when you need to use the interlocking mats in a new space. Simply pick them up and move them to a new area. You won’t have to worry about struggling to roll up a mat to get it through doorways or elevator doors as you would have to with a traditional non-interlocking mat.

Chequer Plate Link

Allway Matting Chequer Plate Link are all natural anti fatigue mats that feature the Chequer plate design on the top to provide an anti-slip surface. The underside of the mats have air pockets that are designed to increase comfort and provide fatigue relief.

These mats are also supplied with ramped edges in order to allow an easy transition of and on the mat, helping to prevent tripping accidents. The mats are also available in custom sizes so that you can obtain a mat that perfectly fits the space where you need it.

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