Logo Mats and Brand awareness

Logo mats are increasingly popular due to brand awareness becoming ever more important in the changeable marketplace we all operate in today. Every successful business operates around a clear brand identity. Companies achieve this by effectively communicating brand’s at every possible opportunity.

Logo mats allow you to present your company’s brand logo and/or key messaging at that crucial point where visitors cross the threshold to your business. First impressions are always the most memorable. Important when these visitors are potential clients!

Every building has an entrance. You can make yours stand out from the crowd by displaying your company logo at the door. Logo Mats ensure every visitor leaves with a lasting impression.

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If you are considering upgrading your flooring with logo mats. There are a number of benefits that they can offer to your business. In fact, you are doing something that could actually work as marketing or advertising for your business by opting for custom matting rather than generic mats. Here are five reasons to consider custom door mats and how they can improve your business.

Branding Exposure

When you use custom logo mats for the entrance ways of your business, your message is displayed to every person who comes through your doors. Studies show that people notice what’s on the floor mats underneath their feet. Therefore, promoting your product or service can have a big impact.

Increased Sales

You imprint your brand into your customers’ minds with custom matting. Printed Logo Mats can earn you greater name recognition leading customers to recommend your products and services. In addition, you might also find that you are able to get results for a fraction of the costs that it might take with other marketing or advertising methods. Logo mats are also designed to last.

Cleaner Floors

Cleaner floors help to create a positive first impression for your business. Placing custom mats at the entranceways of your business and in high traffic areas will keep floors free of dirt, debris, and water. In addition, floor mats will also save you on cleaning costs, given that cleaning and maintenance are actually the most expensive part of investing in new floors.

Increased Safety for Workers and Employees

While safety isn’t one of the main reasons why you might consider purchasing custom mats, it is extremely important. Our custom mats can help to reduce the risk of slip accidents due to wet or dirty floors. The risk reduction for your business is huge given. Every year Australian businesses may payout millions of dollars in claims to people who suffered injuries in the workplace.


If your workers are required to stand for prolonged periods in order to do their jobs. Employee’s appreciate the fact that you’ve installed custom logo mats. Logo mats feature anti fatigue properties which are designed to minimise the pain and discomfort due to long standing periods. In addition it will also help to solidify that your business is a great place to work.

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