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Our Services

Shopping Centres

Entrance mats play a vital role in the maintenance of flooring and assist in meeting the OHS requirements of Shopping Centres. With over 20 years’ experience, Allway Matting has worked closely with retail and shopping centre property managers offering complete supply and installation services of quality matting solutions. Entrance mats, logo mats and tactiles also all help in ensuring a safe shopping centre for your customers. Logo mats can be also used to promote your shop or enhance an entrance.


Education Facilities

Schools and Education facilities spend thousand on floor coverings each year. Allway matting can make sure that your school or education facilities has the correct entrance mats, anti-slip products and any other floor covering or floor safety product in place to make your learning environment safe. Whether it be anti-slip matting for schools, logo mats for schools, entrance mats for schools, carpet tiles for schools, floor coverings for schools or floor safety products for schools we have it all.

Commercial Offices

Did you know 94% of dirt entering a building is on the soles of shoes or tyres of wheeled traffic meaning that 60% of maintenance cost is on flooring. This shows the importance of having a quality entrance mat to stop all dirt and moisture at the entrance. Are your bursars or receptionist standing a long time, if so a quality anti-fatigue mat will decrease fatigue and increase effectiveness. Allway Matting have all the requirements for your building.

Hospitality & Restaurant 

It is important to remember that an entrance mat is the first impression a customer gets when he steps through the doors. Quality entrance mats enhance your entrance by giving your customer a clean first impression. Anti-fatigue mats and anti-slip mats are all needed in your workplace as well. At Allway Matting we have cool room mats, anti-fatigue mats, anti-slip mats, logo mats and anti-slip products to provide safety and comfort for both employees and customers.

Government & Councils

Public safety is extremely important issue with all different ages and access levels using public areas every day. Whether it be tactile’s for the traffic lights, anti-slip matting for bike tracks or anti-fatigue matting for the local library Allway Matting can help. Antislip matting, tactiles, stair nosing, anti-fatigue mats, entrance mats and car park safety all ensure that the public is look after helping you minimise accidents or safety concerns.

Sporting Facilities

Swimming Pools, change rooms and showers are all common places for slip hazards resulting in serious injury. Allway Matting have what is requires to make these areas safe again by providing necessary anti-slip mats and anti-slip products to make these areas safe again. Gym’s and other fitness areas need mats on the floor to protect fitness equipment and give the extra support to the users. Gym tiles, pool matting and gym mats all help keep your customers or team safe from unnecessary injury.

Medical Centres & Hospitals

It is important for medical centers and hospitals to have a safe working area for both employees and patients. A good entrance mat will stop germs and contamination coming in on shoes preventing further infection or sickness. Operating theaters require long standing times meaning that a good anti-fatigue mat with anti-bacterial properties is very important to prevent fatigue. Anti-slip mats, anti-fatigue mats and entrance mats all go a long way to preventing further injury or sicknesses in these areas.

Industrial & Warehouses

Did you know that over 45% of workers complain of working in painful or tiring positions. Allway matting can make sure that your premises has the correct anti-fatigue mats, entrance mats, anti-slip products and any or floor safety product in place to make your working environment safe. Whether it be anti-fatigue mats, comfort mats, electrical conductive mats, anti-slip matting, entrance mats, or floor safety products we have it all to make sure your workers are safe and effective.

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Some Words From Our Clients

We are thrilled with the result, looks fantastic. Thank you

Jill Heathcote, Ferny Creek Primary School
“Allway Matting provided our shopping centre with a solution that perfectly suited our requirements and was delivered on time and on budget”
Steven Lusi, Sunshine Plaza

“My Experience with Allway matting was first class. The sales staff were knowledgeable, courteous and very helpful. Even our request to change our order after delivery was handled smoothly and seemed to present no problems to the company. I highly recommend Allway matting.”

Paula Ryan, St Columba's School

“Because our floors are cement and cold, the matting we received was perfect, the staff love it”

The Valley Private Hospital

“Great quality and professional service with various samples and application photos of ‘infield’ examples”

Pat McMahon, Diamond Valley College

“Many thanks for your help with our front door mats. I was very impressed with the level of service and professionalism. I would be happy to recommend your company to other and use your services again.”

Jenny Crowle, Moonee Ponds West Primary School

“Thank you to Allway Matting- the front door logo mat has enhanced the school brand making a positive difference for all visitors to the school.”

Rosemary Cosentino

“I found Allway Matting a delight to deal with, and would recommend the company to anyone looking for the products they supply.”

Max Prentice, Prentice Realestate

“The Allway experience was outstanding. I was very impressed with their knowledge of product and what product suited our environment. Not only that they went out of their way to install the mat at no extra charge to make sure we were satisfied to the inth degree. I would recommend Allway Matting to anyone who requires matting. Their service, quality and value for money far exceeded any other company we approached’’

John Bets, Mergatroyd's Offspring Pty Ltd

We are extremely happy with the beautiful School Logo Mat at the entrance door for our Primary School. We are bright and fresh again.
Thank you to Allway Matting”

Pia Kibbins

“We noticed the mats were finished last night. Rona Walk, the main entrance and Wright Walk look fantastic. The new mats have really added to the presentation of the entrances”

Mark Appleford

Good morning David,

I am writing to pass on my thanks to you and Allway Matting for the fantastic service provided when I needed to purchase a custom length mat for our Owners Corporation Property.  David, your communication approach, information provided and customer service focus was just brilliant, thank you.

Your willingness to assist and accommodate my urgent requirements was exemplary.  ‘Order to deliver’ in just 48 hours was in my mind a big ask however Allway Matting made it happen which was a huge relief to me at the time.

Thanks again David and I wish you and Allway Matting all the successes you deserve.

Andy Parkinson

Thanks David & Kenneth – We are happy customers, appreciate your service

Ron Williams, Bellevue Properties Trust