Lift Mats

Protect your lift from scratches, paint and food oil with our heavy duty lift mat. This mat is easy to clean and extreme duty and comes with heavy duty backing and non trip edges.



The ultra low profile is perfect for all age groups and areas. The high quality PVC backing prevents it from moving around when applied as a loose-lay mat.


The heavy duty berber style pattern is made from a durable polypropylene fibre which increases its durability and longevity.


The ultra low profile is perfect for all age groups and areas. The heavy duty rubber edge prevents the mat becoming a trip hazard


Easy to clean by sweeping, vacuuming or hosing the mat down. Smaller mats can be shaken out.


Our Lift Mats is contemporary looking flooring that features regularly as a protective flooring solution for lifts . The ”Berber” surface texture enhances the fibers slip resistance by offering increased traction, extremely important for commercial environments. Combined with the inherent grip of carpet but with anti-bacterial properties and extreme durability this mat is perfect for standard lifts but also for goods lift when used for move ins/outs and construction in the building. This water-proof floor solution is an excellent solution for areas subject to constant traffic, extra dirt and grime.  The fabric-textured subsurface and rubber backing reduces the likelihood of the mat skidding on many floor sub-surfaces. for more demanding applications, Lift Mats can be more permanently affixed to a surface with an industrial grade synthetic rubber adhesive. Whether you are looking for a slip-resistant runner or just a floor surface with some style, the lift mat flooring runner is worth every penny.





Made to size

2m or 4m wide runners