Trappa Dirt Stop

Trappa Dirt Stop

Trappa Dirt Stop is the ultimate cost effective entrance matting. Designed for use in commercial applications Trappa Dirt Stop’s heavy duty carpet inserts provide excellent scrapper qualities while the grid design allows dirt to fall away beneath the surface where it can be cleaned up later during normal maintenance.

  • Hard-wearing and long lasting in the heaviest of traffic.
  • Effective removal of debris, grit, sand even snow.
  • Open grid contruction allows extremly high soil holding capacity.
  • Flexible format contours to non level applications.
  • Easy to remove and clean.
  • Excellent drainage and drying function
  • Simple to install and easy to cut to size
  • Modules can be joined to make any size and cut to any shape
  • Resitant to acids, alkali and oil
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Trappa Dirt Stop is specifically designed to help keep your interiors free of dirt. With than three quarters of dirt that finds its way into a building coming in on the soles of shoes, it makes good sense to get rid of at the entrance. Trappa Dirt Stop agressive tread surface scrapes dirt away and its open grid design lets the debris fall athrogh to the floor below.

The addition of highly absorbent solution dyed Berbur Carpet inserts dry the soles of shoes providing an effective and complete “clean and dry system”. Effective and functional for all entrance locatations. Its flexible format allows for versatility of design.

Available in rolls up to 15 metres long and 1.2 metres wide. Custom sizes: Any size made to order. Can fully or partly edged as required.

  • Compared to aluminium matting, Trappa Dirt Stop is around ½ the cost, does not stain or discolour and is much more effective in removing both dirt and moisture.
  • Quick and easy installation into any recess.
  • Quick drying carpet inserts absorb moisture from foot traffic creating a safer entry in wet weather.
  • Molded textured strips scrape dirt from shoes. Debris falls to bottom of mat well.
  • Colour: Black Grid with Charcoal insert.

Technical Details

Structure: Fully Welded

Profile Size: (H) 8mm x (W) 8mm

Top Grid Spacining: 5mm

Bottom Grid Spacing: 10mm

Gravity: 1.29g/cm³

Workable Temp: -12° to +60°C

Materials: 100% flexible low toxicity PVC and sloution dyed Polypropylene

Tensile Strength: 150N/mm²

Elongation: 320%

Flammability: Classified as resistant to flame DIN 4102 part 1 Classification B2 Limiting Oxygen index 20. Self-extinguishing.

Insert width: 33mm

Overall height: 14.5mm