Stainless Steel Tactiles

Stainless Steel Tactiles

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The Stainless Steel tactile indicators are the longest lasting tactile solution and the most commonly used. Available in several different sizes and styles to suit all floor types and areas whilst keeping that architectural appearance.

  • Grooved 10 ring top only
  • Plain sides
  • Rear nylon stud
  • Sloped sides for safe transition
  • T316 grade stainless steel
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At Allway, we offer a wide variety of stainless steel tactile studs. These are the most commonly used paving. A lot of people opt for stainless steel studs. They can be found on floors of many public places to guide the visually impaired.

The studs come in various sizes and designs.  You have a range of studs to choose from. And we also understand that every place has its own theme and needs. Which is why we accommodate customization? You can tell us the size and design changes that you want, and we will arrange that accordingly.

Different types of studs are used to denote different things. And we have all of them available just for you. The studs are of premium quality and have passed all the quality checks and follow all the rules which are issued in context. The studs come in different finishing. The three-different finishing in which stainless steel studs are available is plain, grooved and cross-hatched. You can pick any one of them according to your needs. At Eminent Overseas all three types of finishing are available for our customers.

We follow all the rules and regulations which are applicable and design every product in the parameters of guidelines issued and followed in the country. Stainless steel tactile studs are considered one of the standard product for paving. And you can get one that suits your needs from us. Contact us if you need some extra specifications or want to customize your paving experience.