Comfort Flow

Grease and Oil Resistant Mat

Comfort Flow

Comfort Flow

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  • Aggressive anti slip surface
  • Low profile to prevent trip hazards
  • Can be used in freezer rooms
  • Comes with Anti Trip Bevelled edging
  • 100 % Nitrile for excellent resistance to grease, oil, fat and detergent
  • Raised cross-grip surface for better slip resistance
  • Superior anti-fatigue properties ensure employee comfort
  • Cushioned texture for comfort
  • Machine washable
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Comfort Flow is made from 100% Nitrile Rubber closed cell sponge material making this mat not only extremely tough wearing in greasy and oily environments but also very comfortable when standing at work for long hours. Its Raised profiles helps prevent slips whilst the cleats on the underside of the mat improve the buoyancy and comfort whilst facilitating drainage. The Nitrile rubber cushion provides maximum resistance to water, oils, grease, chemicals and animal fats. Superior anti fatigue, Light weight, easy to clean, this mat will outperform most thicker and heavier mats. Supported by a cross step construction on the underside ensures minimal movement on top of the floor and makes it one of the most stable mats in the range Especially in commercial Kitchens.


Material; 100% Nitrile Rubber closed cell sponge

Surface; Raised Non Slip rubber

Installation; Loosely or Stuck down

Thickness; 9mm


  • 57 x 85cm
  • 85 x 144cm
  • 85 x 270cm
  • 108 x 169cm
  • Custom Sizes