Aqua Tile

Interlocking Anti-Slip Mat

Aqua Tile


Aquatile is a modular mat that is lightweight making it easy to handle and clean. These modular tiles assemble easily into a variety of designs and shapes which allows you to economically create a surface of any length, width or shape. Ideal way of covering your large or irregular areas.

Aqua Tile® is…


  • Slip Resistant Surface in all conditions
  • Designed to prevent ankle rolls and trips
  • Low profile allows easy access for all ages
  • The soft surface makes it ideal for barefoot traffic


  • Aggressive shoe scrapping action and design
  • Functions best when used indoors or in weather protected areas
  • Suitable for heavy rolling loads or wheeled traffic
  • Dries quickly and resists mould and stains

A GOOD LOOKER                            

  • Stylish non-slip mat can be easily cut to any size and shape.
  • Available in 2 different colours which can be joined together to make patterns and shapes


20cm x 20cm tiles

10 Tiles per box


Blue, Grey


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Composition – Antimicrobial, UV-resistant soft vinyl, 100% recyclable

Construction – Modular Open Top tile 20cm x 20cm x 9mm

Flamability – Self Extinguishing

Bacterial Resistance – No Growth

Thermal Resistance – -20 degrees to +70 degrees


  • 200mm x 200mm interlocking tiles